Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Deutsche Wertarbeit- S/T (1981)

Solo kosmische synth LP from Dorothea Raukes of Streetmark. Originally released in 1981 on Sky Records. Reissued 2010 in an edition of 500 by Medical Records. 320 Vinyl Rip By yours truly.

Mediafire Download Link: Removed by request.

Available for purchase from Boomkat.

Guten Abend, Leute 5:35
Deutscher Wald 4:00
Unter Tage 5:54
Auf Engelsflügeln 5:40
Intercity Rheingold 4:37
Der Grosse Atem 9:58


satanarchy said...

you rule. THANK YOU. :-)

Vitezslav Sichtar said...

Yes, my favorite! Used to play it a lot. I think that it's time for another spin! Thanks for reminding me.