Saturday, August 14, 2010

V/A- Worried Now, Won't Be Worried Long: Field Recordings From Alan Lomax's Southern Journey. 1959-1960, Vol. 2. (Mississippi Records, MSR-058)

Worried Now, Won't Be Worried Long is the second of five Alan Lomax LPs issued by Mississippi Records in 2010. This series was compiled and annotated by Nathan Salsburg in commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of the "Southern Journey." 320 vinyl rip by yours truly.

"in 1959 and 1960, at the height of the folk revival, alan lomax undertook the first-ever stereo field recording trip through the american south to document its still thriving vernacular musical culture. he traveled through virginia, kentucky, tennessee, alabama, mississippi, arkansas, georgia, and north carolina, making over 70 hours of recordings. the trip came to be known as lomax's 'southern journey,' and its recordings were first issued for the atlantic and prestige labels in the early '60s. those, however, as well as subsequent releases on new world and rounder records, are now all out of print. to remedy this, and to celebrate the southern journey's 50th anniversary, mississippi records and the alan lomax collection have collaborated on five commemorative lps, spanning the breadth of lomax's '59-60 southern recordings, drawing on new transfers of the original 1/4" tapes, and featuring a considerable amount of previously unreleased material." (Rough Trade)

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1. Worried Now, Won't Be Worried Long / Sidney Carter 2:59
2. Walking in the Parlor / Norman Edmonds & the Old Timers 1:56
3. Rolled and Tumbled / Rosalie Hill 3:00
4. The Old Ship of Zion / Ishman Williams & the Williams Singers 4:36
5. Hop Along, Let's Get Her / John Davis, Henry Morrison & the Georgia Sea Island Singers 1:07
6. Hallelujah (#146) / United Sacred Harp Convention 2:23
7. The Cabin on the Hill / E.C. & Orna Ball 3:06
8. Ida Reed / Ed Young, Lonnie Young & G.D. Young 2:20
9. I'm Tired / Bright Light Quartet 2:54
10. I'm Going Home to Live With Jesus / Viola James 3:54
11. You Got Dimples In Your Jaws / Boy Blue & His Two 3:18
12. Cumberland Gap / Wade Ward 1:11
13. Levee Camp Holler (Downtown Money Waster) / Johnny Lee Moore 2:53
14. Lonesome Dove / Almeda Riddle 5:40
15. Turnip Greens / Neal Morris 2:16


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