Monday, August 9, 2010

V/A- An Evening In Beirut (EMI DT10189 LP 1964)

"As a visitor to Lebanon you are carried by a plane, a ship, or the Orient Express and deposited in Beirut the capital of this young and beautiful country, the key to the romantic East.

You have taken your luggage to the Hotel, unpacked and had a wash, then sat on a very comfortable chair thinking; thinking of doing something very exciting. And what could be more exciting than to spend An Evening in Beirut ? This city which offers you the gay life of Paris mixed with the spices of the romantic East..." ~ liner notes

Found this wonderful vintage Lebanese compilation at The Magic of Juju. That blog is recent discovery for me. Its selections are totally on point! Its a shame that they don't seem to be posting there anymore. If its as inactive as it seems, I think ya'll need to help me plunder its riches before its links go the way of the dodo.

An Evening In Beirut *Audiosamples after the click.
EMI DT10189 LP 1964

Nihna Wal-Qamar Jiran (3:06) ~ Fairuz
Jar Al-Hawa (2:44) ~ Su'ad Hashim
Khitayy (2:58) ~ Shiraz
Min Khallak Ya Bulbul (2:54) ~ Su'ad Hashim
Abdu Habib Ghandura (2:37) ~ Shiraz
Ya Hala Ya Hala (2:59) ~ Fairuz
Mitna Wa 'Ishna (3:17) ~ Najah Salam
Al-Qamar (3:28) ~ Najah Salam & Wadi Al-Safi
Min-Qullak Hakina (6:10) ~ Sabah
Al-Dabka (6:02) ~ Nur Al-Huda


øשlqaeda said...

call it a hunch, but i do believe the juju spirit is alive & well at tonal bride :)

Anonymous said...

hey i have this vinyl album! great stuff!

Holly said...

This has been a great soundtrack to an evening in North Carolina ...thank you :-)