Monday, August 2, 2010

The Psychedelic Aliens (Academy LPs)

The Psychedelic Aliens, Academy LP's latest (forthcoming) release, is most definitely going to blow the eff up. There's no question. I must say, my love for the fuzzed out, homegrown world-psych of the 60 & 70s truly knows no bounds. As for Voodoo Frank- He does the Lord's own work. Just look at that album cover!

More and more, it seems like all the best new records on the market are culled from the unearthed obscurities of yonder days. Sublime Frequencies, Soul Jazz, Numero Group, Soundway, Finders Keepers, Mississippi Records... Am I right or am I right?

Anyway, here's How Frank describes the Aliens:

A perfect crossover of Garage Psych Rock and Afro Funk. Raw fuzz-wah-wah guitar, Vox organ, vocals with loads of reverb, huge drum break... it really is unreal!

Check it:


Anonymous said...


you know who i am said...

all the best music is from the past? don't get me wrong i love most of the stuff you like, but there is SO MUCH AMAZING new music from, for instance, Africa happening RIGHT NOW all over the continent. styles upon styles upon styles upon styles. too bad conservative bloggers like you are too close minded to appreciate kuduro from Angola, South African House, Ghanaian Hiplife, or Nigerian Rap.

nicholab said...

you know, i'm not actually close minded about the home grown elctro/hip-hop/house/dubstep forms popping up all over the place. first of all, i'm just partial to analog sounds, esp fuzz guitar and keys with sixties/early seventies production values. my personal taste. second, i try not make a habit of sharing music that's in-print, and, to a somewhat reasonable extent, not partcipate in the hype-machine. (which, by virtue of even running a music blog at all, is admittedly sort of quixotic.) i know and dig a good helping of minimal house, basic channel-inspired tracks, dubstep, electro, bhangra, the mixes coming out of club secousse, yadda yadda yadda, but i'm not sharing them here because that is what's happening now (that is, its in-print) and that is not what i'm doing here. i'm not a music reviewer per se, at least not right now, i'm a sharer. besides, that stuff is especially exciting to me when you get to go out and hear it live in a club. but...i have a two year old kid and this blog is a project i undertook when i was looking to get constructive with my time after putting my son to bed. by virtue of that- where i'm at in my own life- my listening habits have followed suit. i don't blast sub-bass bangers when my son is in bed. i see your point, but still... for the most part, the "new releases" that i tend to get most excited about right now are mostly reissues. thats midnight listening around my living room.