Friday, August 20, 2010

Batucada Fantástica Vol. 1- Os Ritmistas Brasileiros Conduzidos por Luciano Perrone (Musidisc, 1959)

I'm happy to have recently scored this rad, classic batucada record by legendary samba drummer Luciano Perrone. Some of ya'll might recognize his Samba Vocalizado included on that excellent Batucada Capoeira comp put out by Souljazz Records. A killer jam. Well, as far as Batucada Fantastica Vol. 1 goes, it turns out I don't need to rip my own record after all. There's a perfectly good one up over at Toque Musical. Tha Block is Hot!

A1 Samba quente
A2 Frigideira
A3 Ensaio geral
A4 Marcha de rancho
A5 Tamborins
A6 Réco-réco no 1
A7 Esquentando os tamborins e cuicas
A8 Maracatu
A9 Prato e faca
A10 Baiao
A11 Atabaques e surdos
B1 Candomblé
B2 Agogo
B3 Samba - 1 andamento
B4 Samba - 2 andamento
B5 Marcha de carnaval
B6 Cuica
B7 Réco-réco no 2 (Bossa nova)
B8 Maxixe
B9 Afoché
B10 Pandeiro
B11 Samba drums


icastico said...

Really, really nice release. Thanks for the tip.

Holly said...

Thank you very much for the link, this is great!

roberth said...

well could you up it in the future
as the blog you mentioned no longer exists. keep up all your good works