Sunday, August 1, 2010

Korean Mystery Record

Yet another obscure thrift store LP discovery- Probably my favorite kind of post. Found this record 6+ years ago in Harrisonburg, VA. Don't know the artist, title, genre or year. I sure dig it, though. If you know anything about this record and/or know Korean, please help us out. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly.

Mediafire Download Link: Korean Mystery Record 

Here's what I can tell you:

Made in Korea, manufactured by Universal Record Co.
PL 0007

1. Tae-Pyung Ga 2:49
2. Doraji 3:22
3. Boating Song 3:07
4. Song of Mong-Goom Beach 3:04
5. Mae-Wha Tahryung 3:16
6. Arirang 3:10
7. Yangsan Do 3:11
8. Chunahn SamkuRi 3:03
9. Sa Bal Ga 3:03
10. Chang-Boo Tahryung 3:10
11. Song of Obong Mountain 3:24
12. Sin-Ko San Tharyung 3:22


Luis Canau said...

The title is something like "Korean Popular Ballads Anthology" Vol 2. The back of the record might have names of performers, no? I don't know much Korean but I can read it. "Arirang" is something like THE nacional song of Korea.

peter said...

just found this from doug's mining the audio motherlode post! whata great album! as luis suggested, do you have any scans of the back cover or the labels on the record?

nicholab said...

peter---always glad to hear from you! maybe gimme a couple days & i'll gladly make it happen. doug's motherlode mention was a big surprise this morning. he definitely went deep into the archives to find this one. in addition to scans, i'd say this sudden attention is going to prompt a soonish LP re-rip now that i've somehat tightened my (amateur) production game.