Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Billy Butler- Plays Via Galactica (Kilmarnock, 1973)

Wow! Funky guitarist Billy Butler runs through Galt MacDermot's score for Via Galactica, with music conducted by the funky composer himself. The sound is spacey and electronic, with drums by Bernard Purdie, bass by Wilbur Bascomb, and piano by Galt himself. Tracks include "Hush", "Life Wins", "400 Girls Ago", and "Other Side of the Sky". Not really a breakbeat record, but with a bunch of cool spacey moments and some very nice spacey laidback sounds. (Dusty Groove)

I don't know, Dusty Groove, check the break at the beginning of this one:

That melody has been with me for days. The band is obviously super-tight and I think Billy Butler's guitar tone is something else. Admittedly, the album does have some less than exciting elevator Muzak moments, but I think the highlights more than pay off for it.

Mediafire Download Link: Billy Butler- Plays Via Galactica (Kilmarnock, 1973)

A1 I Believe In Butterflies 4:49
A2 Via Galactica 4:17
A3 Home 3:52
A4 400 Girls Ago 4:23
A5 Hush 4:01
A6 Life Wins 4:15
B1 All My Good Mornings 3:59
B2 New Jerusalem 4:49
B3 Helen Of Troy 4:12
B4 Dance The Dark Away 2:55
B5 Other Side Of The Sky 3:54
B6 Up 4:19


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Jamie Garner said...

billy butler has been a favorite guitarist of mine since i first heard his king curtis cuts. i've heard about -never heard- this album, and i'm STOKED!

thank you!