Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hansadutta Swami- Nothing To Lose But All To Gain (1978)

This is a guest post from my pal, Brian. Far-out krishna psych-folk from (apparently controversial) 70's California spiritualist Hansadutta Swami.

"(Our friend) Travis found this record at the Gift & Thrift in Harrisonburg. How could Travis resist this mug?"

Read about Nothing To Lose... at Waxidermy

This LP became a sort of minor hit in our weirdo music circles of NC/VA/Philly. Says our buddy Tim: "A few years ago, Tristan, Jason Reed and I tried to recreate the sound of this record, with very limited success...somehow the songs came out sounding like country rock, and one sort of psychedelic jamm...but if anyone wants to hear what the Swami's influence hath wrought: Doom Spiral-Hansadutta Tribute"

And now for the real McCoy...

Mediafire Download link: Hansadutta Swami- Nothing To Lose But All To Gain (1978)

Thanks Brian! Thanks Tim! Thanks Hansadutta Swami!


cnjnctvsynth said...

Can't thank you enough for alerting me to this record. I have been playing it non-stop for the past 24 hours and see many more plays in my future. The simple, no frills production and the overly sincere lyrics combine to form something really interesting and layered. Nice, lazy psych feel throughout.

Kalki Avatara said...

wow, I had been waiting for this album to be uploaded somewhere since I read the review once long ago on Waxidermy. Thanks a lot!

But the tribute stuff, spiral doom Hansadutta is not available in your link. Broken link or something. Can we hear that one real soon?

I am gonna let Hansadutta know you have his stuff up here. I am sure he won't mind.