Monday, August 16, 2010

V/A- I'll Meet You On That Other Shore: Field Recordings From Alan Lomax's Southern Journey. 1959-1960, Vol. 3. (Mississippi Records, MSR-059)

I'll Meet You On That Other Shore is the third of five Alan Lomax LPs issued by Mississippi Records in 2010. This series was compiled and annotated by Nathan Salsburg in commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of the "Southern Journey." 320 vinyl rip by yours truly.

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1. What's The Matter Now? / Fred McDowell 5:01
2. The Eighth of January / Bookmiller Shannon 0:59
3. Old Gospel Ship / Ruby Vass 2:58
4. None But the Righteous / Union Choir of the Church of God and Saints of Christ 3:08
5. Why Must I Wear This Shroud? / George Spangler & Thornton Old Regular Baptist Congregation 5:17
6. Sing Anything / Neal Morris 2:15
7. Black Woman (Wild Ox Moan) / Vera Ward Hall 2:10
8. Dangerous Blues / Floyd Batts 1:09
9. Railroad Bill / Hobart Smith 2:45
10. I'll Meet You On That Other Shore / Unidentified Woman & St. James Church 5:48
11. Moses Was a Servant of the Lord / Charles Barnett 1:59
12. The Girl I Left Behind / Spencer Moore & Roy Everett 2:53
13. Goodbye Honey, You Call that Gone / Lucius Smith 2:17
14. Moses, Don't Get Lost / John Davis & The Georgia Sea Island Singers 2:30
15. Rainbow Mid Life's Willows / Almeda Riddle 2:58


L'Idiot said...

The zip does not work, the extraction blocks in the eleventh track...
Otherwise, thank you for this excellent blog and shared music.

nicholab said...

just re-upped the file. let me know how it works...

L'Idiot said...

This time it works!
Thanks very much nicholab.

Anonymous said...

Where can I find it, nicholab? rafaeldepino gmail

cinturon negro said...

too bad thanks anyway