Saturday, October 30, 2010

Songs and Dances Of Epirus Vol. 1: 1930-1957

Two volumes of haunting vintage music from the Greek region of Epirus. Great stuff. I've begun to realize how much I love the clarinet in Greek songs, especially when its playing lead or is used to shadow a strong vocal melody. 256 kbps. Posted by request.

Songs and Dances of Epirus Vol. 1: 1930-1957 (HellenicRecord, 256 kbps)

1. Lament (Mirologi) / Stefanos Pashalis 3:11
2. Turtle dove (Trygona) / The Five Glyniotes 3:19
3. Five days married (Pente meres pantremeni) / Fotis Halkiopoulos 3:16
4. My black shallow (Mavro mou helidoni) / St.Tsitsis 3:22
5. Virginada (Virginada) / Stefanos Pashalis 3:19
6. Berbilis (Birbilis) / Fotis Halkiopoulos 3:19
7. My immigrant bird (Xenitemeno mou pouli) / Pavlos Bekiaris 3:24
8. Boys enter in the dance (Ebate agoria sto horo) / Stelios Bellos 3:28
9. Epirot lament (Moirologi) / Dimitris Halkias 3:03
10. Rebels from Veltsista (KEFTES VELTSISTINI) / Fotis Halkiopoulos 3:18
11. Katsantonis (Katsantonis) / Stefanos Pashalis 3:28
12. Sixty priests precede (Xinta papades pan brosta) / Fotis Halkiopoulos 3:51
13. Song form Deropolis (Deropolitiko) / G.Halkiopoulos 2:53
14. The black scarf (To mavro to mantili) / Stellios Bellos 3:12
15. The foreign lands (Ta erima ta xena) / The Five Glyniotes 3:07
16. Delvino and Tsamouria (Delvino ke Tsamouria) / Stefanos Pashalis 3:31
17. The partridge (I perdika) / Stylianos Bellos

Mediafire Download Link: Songs and Dances Of Epirus Vol. 2: 1926-1956 (HellenicRecord, 256kbps)

1. Asimoula (Asimoula) / Stilianos Bellos 3:24
2. Dance Of Samarina (Sygathisto Samariniotiko) / P. Kavakopoulos 3:25
3. Alexandra (Alexandra) / Yorghos Trakis 3:11
4. Menousis Agas (O Menousis Agas) / Dimitris Halkias 4:22
5. Grape Muskat Grape (Stafyli Moshostafylo) / Stefanos Pashalis 3:12
6. Little Pigeons (Peristerakia) / Manthos Halkias 2:51
7. Mountains Of Grevena (Ke Sis Vounaton Grevenon) / Fotis Halkiopoulos 3:22
8. Cage With Iron Rods (Sidirovegino Klouvi) / Yorghos Trakis 2:59
9. Come Litsa Vangelitsa (Ela Litsa Vangelitsa) / Glykeria Zouba 3:36
10. Frasa (Frasa) / Dimitris Halkias 2:51
11. Live It Up My Poor Heart (Glenta Kaimeni Mou Kardia) / Yorghos Gagas 3:30
12. Sirtos Dance In Two Steps (Syrto Sta Dyo) / Alexis Zoubas 4:17
13. Vasilarhontissa (Vasilarhontisa) / Fotis Halkiopoulos 3:17
14. Konstantis (O Konstantis) / Yorghos Gagas 3:31
15. On The Flowers Of Oleander (Stis Pikrodafnis Ton Antho) / Fotis Halkiopoulos 3:28
16. Rebels From Veltsista (Kleftes Veltsistines) / Elias Letos 3:16
17. My Blond Girls (Rouses Mou) / Pavlos Bekiaris 3:16
18. Leonidas Tsamiko (Leonidas Tsamiko) / Nikos Halkias 3:29

Friday, October 29, 2010

The Thought Criminals: Chrono-Logical (Discography, 2005)

Here's a good quality rip (192kbps) of The Thought Criminals' complete discography. Includes the Hilton Bomber & Food For Thoughtcrimes singles, their 1980 Speed Madness and Flying Saucers LP, and everything else. These original Sydney punks are definitely keeping it real by offering free downloads of Chrono-logical on their website. At a modest 128kbps, though, you'd be smart to grab the the copy here. Hey, if they "won't pay for punk records", why should you?

Mediafire Download Link: The Thought Criminals- Chrono-Logical (Discography, 2005)

1.1 I Won't Pay (For Punk Records) 1:45
1.2 Fun 3:00
1.3 More Suicides Please 2:33
1.4 Hilton Bomber 1:36
1.5 Fuck the Neighbours 2:16
1.6 Cut Out Man 2:05
1.7 So All the Superheroes 2:55
1.8 Winston Smith 1:48
1.9 Termination 3:23
1.10 Victory 2:51
1.11 Lonely Ones 2:28
1.12 The Orphan 3:42
1.13 We Promise You 2:38
1.14 OK 767 6:57
1.15 Oceania 4:32
1.16 Edge of Time 3:19
1.17 Equidistance 3:02
1.18 Land of the Living Room 1:54
1.19 Victims of Today 4:54
1.20 Episode 0:50
1.21 Sound of Changing Places 3:34
1.22 Take Another Look 2:10
1.23 La mer (Live) 3:50
2.1 The Orphan (Live) 3:42
2.2 The Innocent 2:44
2.3 My Mind Ain't So Open 1:59
2.4 Display / Response / Action 2:57
2.5 O Bleak TV 1:17
2.6 Orchestration 2:41
2.7 Stolen Air 3:15
2.8 Confusion 3:54
2.9 Oceania (Live) 4:30
2.10 Play It Strange 3:00
2.11 New Toys 2:01
2.12 Thirst Reversed 1:00
2.13 La mer (M Squared) 4:18
2.14 Problems by Numbers 2:31
2.15 If I Wasn't a Stranger 2:00
2.16 Out of the Dark 2:57
2.17 Commercial Break 2:45
2.18 From the Nursery 2:25
2.19 Anticlockwise 4:02
2.20 Eighties Love 2:28

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kebab- We Live In A System (Softspot, 2010)

"SoftSpot has delved back into the post-punk archives and unearthed another virtually unheard gem. Our first full-length LP features the recordings of Kebab, a short-lived quartet of punk-minded Belgian youths. Inspired by the Crass Records DIY mentality, the burgeoning UK art-punk scene, and their own boredom, Kebab combined anti-political punk diatribes with sharp guitars, plodding basslines, synth gurgles, and spastic electronic percussion. The result is an aggressively sparse take on post-punk that remains fresh and visceral sounding today.

Side A compiles all their known studio recordings, including the sought-after "Life It's a Joke" 7" from 1982. Side B features select tracks from their original demo tape, recorded in 1981 and limited to only 30 copies. All tracks have been remastered from the best available sources, and are presented on black vinyl in a full-size poster package containing lyric sheet, rare photos, and a vintage interview with the band." (promo write-up)

Good stuff. 2010 vinyl-only reissue. Kebab's angular European post-punk sound is somewhat in league with The Slits (RIP, Ari Up), Siouxsie, Animals & Men, Delta 5, Bush Tetras and Xmal Deustchland, with a small hint of the synth stylings of (very early) Depeche Mode.

Mediafire Download Link: Kebab- We Live In A System (Softspot, 2010)

A1 Life It's A Joke
A2 Anti - L
A3 Hypocrites
A4 Weekend
B1 Girlsfight
B2 Sully
B3 Uber Der Ligne
B4 Rapist
B5 Faced White
B6 Hypocrites
B7 System

Monday, October 25, 2010

V/A- Mento Madness, Motta's Jamaican Mento: 1951-56

"Before reggae, rock steady, or even ska, mento ruled Jamaica's musical consciousness. Originally a rural folk music, coalesced from African and European influences, mento took on a more modern tenor when played in the cities by musicians schooled in jazz bands. Mento Madness is a delightful primer, introducing the styles and stars of this all-but-forgotten roots music. "Old school" in the most accurate sense, the reggae dancehall "toasting" that evolved from these recordings is the precursor to American rap. There was no indigenous Jamaican recording industry before Stanley Motta opened his studio and made these historic recordings. Lord Fly's 1951 "Medley of Jamaican Mento," released on 78 rpm, was the first Jamaican-made record ever, marking the industry's birth with a decidedly uptown sound replete with the jazzy flourishes of trumpet and piano. Subsequent releases included more rural stylings like the Ticklers' "Glamour Gal," which became the first Jamaican recording issued outside the island, where it found a following in the UK. Others, like Hubert Porter's "Dry Weather House," contain a mixture of elements like banjo, maracas, and clarinet, recalling Sidney Bechet's sinuous "Haitian Moods" sessions. Although mento was distinct from Trinidadian calypso, Jamaican groups often used names such as Calypso Clippers and Calypso Quintet to coattail their neighbor's commercial popularity. It's easy to hear how the syncopated rhythmic patterns of the percussionists and guitarists along with the lilting, if hardly dominant, basslines soon evolved from mento into the internationally coveted sounds of Jamaica." (The Austin Chronicle)

Download Link: V/A- Mento Madness, Motta's Jamaica Mento: 1951-56 (320kbps)

1 Lord Composer & The Silver Seas Hotel Orchestra - Hill & Gully Ride / Mandeville Rd 3:02
2 Hubert Porter - Dry Weather House 2:46
3 Harold Richardson & The Ticklers - Healin' In The Balmyard 2:56
4 Lord Fly - Manassa With The Tight Foot Pants 2:39
5 Monty Reynolds & The Shaw Park Calypso Band - Me Dog Can't Bark 2:45
6 Hubert Porter - Monkey Talk 2:38
7 Lord Messam & His Calypsonians - Linstead Market 3:15
8 Harold Richardson (2) - Country Gal 2:30
9 Baba Motta & His Jamaicans - She Pon Top 2:30
10 Lord Fly - Blu-Lu-Lup 2:49
11 Harold Richardson & The Ticklers - Glamour Girl 2:44
12 Boysie Grant - Solas Market 3:18
13 Monty Reynolds & The Silver Seas Orchestra - This Long Time Gal A Never See You 2:59
14 Lord Fly - Medley Of Jamaican Mento (Fan Me Solja Man, Fan Me / One Solja Man / Yah No Hear Weh De Old Man Seh / Slide Mongoose) 2:59
15 Boysie Grant - Come We Go Down A Unity / Old Lady O / Linstead Market 2:56
16 Lord Fly - Swine Lane Gal / Iron Bar 2:47
17 Boysie Grant - Sweet Charlie / Mattie Rag / Nobodys Business 3:00
18 Lord Fly - Big Big Sambo Gal / Mattie Rag 2:51

Friday, October 22, 2010

V/A- Vanity Records: Finest Selection 1978 to 1981

"Vanity records is one of the best Japanese music secrets. Sounds like New York's late '70s post-punk scene such as James White, Martin Rev or even ESG. Early techno gems, disco-punk and noisy landscapes with a real Japanese flavour. Founded in Kyoto in 1978 by chief editor of Rock Magazine, Agi Yuzuru, this label has a short but very interesting production. Only 10 long play albums, 3 7" singles, one double compilation, and few cassettes were recorded between 1978 and 1980. Some flexi discs were given with Rock Magazine issues during 1980. All of the records were extremely limited and released in editions of 200 and 500 copies. Most of the covers were handmade and nowadays original pressing are impossible to find and change hands for hundreds of dollars. Here's your last chance to get the finest selection from one of the best underground and experimental Japanese movement."(back cover)

Vinyl only release. 2010 French press. Probably bootleg. Even the record label is spottily translated: Save Music Before Loose It. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly.

Download Link: V/A- Vanity Records: Finest Selection 1978 to 1981


1. BGM- And
2. Sympathy Nervous- Inverted Type
3. Dada- Yuuen Inraku Gaki
4. Mad Tea Party- Hide & Seek
5. RNA Organism- Yes, Every Africa Must Be Free Eternally
6. Arbeit- Bundes Nachrichten Dienst
7. Aunt Sally- Aunt Sally
8. Morio Agata- ------
9. Normal Brain- Music
10. Perfect Mother- You'll No So Wit
11. Tolerance- Sacrifice
12. Kiiro Radical- Denki Noise Dance 3

Awon Ojise Olorun: Popular Music in Yorubaland 1931-1952 (Savannahphone)

"Awon Ojise Olorun tells the story of the dawn of recorded music amongst the Yorubas of Nigeria as seen through the collection of the British Library. Surverying the sakara music of Yoruba Muslims, the guitarists of lagos, and the origins of apala percussion groups, the collection presents works by some of the most influential musicians in the period alongside tracks by forgotten pioneers."

Mediafire Download Link: Awon Ojise Olorun: Popular Music in Yorubaland 1931-1952 (Savannahphone) 320kbps
1. Abibus Oluwa — Orin Faji
2. Ayinde Bakare — Ajaratu
3. Abibus Oluwa — Orin Herbert Macaulay
4. Akinbi Wright — Everybody Likes Saturday Night
5. Lasisi Layemi — Omi Layemi
6. Akinbi Wright — The 5 Nigerian RAF
7. Aiyeke and his Orchestra — Arise L'Arika
8. Alhanji Muniru Singers — Olorun Nimbe ati Adedoyin
9. Irewolde Denge — Okoya ati Ogunniya
10. Isamato Alade — Adesan ya Ayinla
11. Amusa Elo — Eiye je Eiye mu
12. Rafiu Bankole — Oduduwa
13. Lasisi Onipole — Welewele Ewe Agbon
14. Julius Araba — Osupa ko dadi Osan
15. Raimi Dogo — Lasisi Adigun
16. Yesufu Olatunji — Orin Boys
17. Aminu Olaribigbe — Bisimilaya Raba Na
18. Theophilus Iwalokun — Iyawo A Ra Mi
19. Yesufu Olatunji — Nola Kolade

Thursday, October 21, 2010

V/A- Written In Blood Vol. 5: The Devil's Lullaby (Left-Handed Label, 2010)

The Devil's Lullaby is the final volume of Nate Ashley's killer Written In Blood horror movie soundtrack series...

"Covering 5 decades of haunting soundtrack music with over 100 songs! 10 years in the making, this 5 disc set includes never before released music and classic themes ranging from Ennio Morricone to Johan Soderqvist."

V/A- Written in Blood *320 upgrades added all week @ Nate Ashley’s new blog

If you have any questions or comments you'd like to share directly with Nate, feel free to hit him up:

*He'd like to offer thanks and acknowledgment to a couple of other sites for providing some of the W.I.B. source material:

Sleazy Listening:
*Franco Bixio

Manchester Morgue:
*Gianni Ferrio
*Alessandro Alessandroni "(this one I didn't actually use on the comps., but it's awesome!)"
Morricone 1 & Morricone 2 "(I had this one already, which I've notice with a few of his other posts, but it's a good one so here it is)"

And last but not least, a great place for high res poster artwork is a site called Wrong Side Of The Art

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

V/A- Waking Up Scheherazade Vol. 2: 60's & 70's Cross-Over Rock from North Africa & The Middle East (Grey Past, 2010)

"We are finally back with a second compilation of the rarest of the rarest from countries that now are slowly mapped when it comes to the world's rock heritage. From Syria to Morocco youngsters were going for the hip new thing all in their own unique way creating these records that are cherished by all lovers of rare early rock trash. Though these fantastic sounds are now partly captured by harsh religious reality these records stand proud as the voice of a generation that grabbed the opportunities for creating new sounds! -Marthy Huiboki" (from the inside cover)

A tight jam. LP only release. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly.

Mediafire Download Link: V/A- Waking Up Scheherazade Vol. 2: 60's & 70's Cross-Over Rock from North Africa & The Middle East (Grey Past, 2010)

1. Wrong Notes - Verequoi (Egypt)
2. Shar Habeel - Dance And Cheer (Soudan)
3. Abdelhadi - Belryath (Morocco)
4. Feridun Foroughi - Wals Jackle (Iran)
5. News - Tell Me (Lebanon)
6. Dorid Laham - Tamo Yamo (Syria)
7. Les Freres Megri - Sebar (Morocco)
8. Soli - Music Negar (Iran)
9. Tony Franks And The Hippie Souls - Crazy Woman (Lebanon)
10. Wrong Notes - Oriental Tune (Egypt)
11. Shar Habeel - El Bambi (Soudan)
12. Naïma Samith - Zifaf Filfada (Morocco)
13. Tony Franks And The Hippie Souls - Keep It (Lebanon)
14. Jo And The New Magnifici - Sunshine (Lebanon)

And don't sleep on Waking Up Scheherazade Vol. 1.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dr. Ragtime (Jack Rose) - Tequila Sunrise CD-R, 2002

Here's a rare and coveted early CD-R from brilliant American Primitive guitarist, Jack Rose. (R.I.P.)

First edition limited to 60 numbered copies and packaged in slimline [CD single style] jewel case. The second edition of 60 numbered copies were packaged in regular size jewel cases. Recorded live at the Salle de Bain. Mastered at Parlor West.

Download Link: Dr. Ragtime (Jack Rose)- (Tequila Sunrise CD-R 2002)

All hail the Owl for this 192 rip.

SUN 004

1 Teoc 2:57
2 Gage Blues 3:11
3 Old Country Rock (Bill Moore) 1:51
4 Buckdancer's Choice (Sam Mcgee) 2:23
5 Knoxville Blues (Sam Mcgee) 3:29
6 Flirtin' With The Undertaker 3:05

Monday, October 18, 2010

V/A- So Young But So Cold : Underground French Music 1977 - 1983

A solid compilation of French Electro/New Wave that gradually creeps back in reverse-chronological order toward experimental synth-prog (Richard Pinhas). Released by TigerSushi in 2004. Their website has put up some decent artist info and album photos for each of these tracks.

Mediafire Download Link: V/A- So Young But So Cold : Underground French Music 1977 - 1983 (224~VBR)

1 Nini Raviolette - Suis-Je Normale 4:03
2 J.J. Burnel - Euroman 3:29
3 Ruth - Roman Photo 5:02
4 Mathématiques Modernes - Disco Rough 3:59
5 Metal Boys - Carnival 1:45
6 (Hypothetical) Prophets - Person To Person 6:08
7 (Hypothetical) Prophets - Wallenberg 6:18
8 Kas Product - So Young But So Cold 3:00
9 Charles De Goal - Synchro 4:00
10 Artefact - Mae 3:18
11 Moderne - Switch On Bach 3:08
12 Jacno - Triangle 3:29
13 Tim Blake - Lighthouse 6:46
14 Droids, The* - The Force (Part 1) 3:26
15 Bernard Szajner - Welcome (To Deathrow) 6:13
16 Richard Pinhas - Iceland 9:38

Sunday, October 17, 2010

V/A- Written In Blood Vol. 4: The Minor Key (Left-Handed Label, 2010)

The Minor Key is the fourth volume of Nate Ashley's killer Written In Blood horror movie soundtrack series...All five discs of this spectral monstrosity are debuting here at Ghostcapital throughout the month of October.

"Covering 5 decades of haunting soundtrack music with over 100 songs! 10 years in the making, this 5 disc set includes never before released music and classic themes ranging from Ennio Morricone to Johan Soderqvist."

*Volume 4 features "Song of Solomon"; sung by cult-favorite actress, Karen Black.

V/A- Written in Blood *320 upgrades added all week @ Nate Ashley’s new blog

If you have any questions or comments you'd like to share directly with Nate, feel free to hit him up:

Rebecca Pan- I Miss You Again (Hong Kong, 1970?) 潘迪華, 潘迪华

Rebecca Pan is a well-known Chinese actress and pop chanteuse from Hong Kong. She has performed in a handful of Wong-Kar Wai's films, including the most-excellent In The Mood For Love (as Mrs. Suen). Big thanks to Mike for passing this along: rip, scans & tracklist, all. Exact date and provenance of this LP is unknown, as it was "bought in the 90's at the fishmarket in Hamburg at 7am."

Mediafire Download Link: Rebecca Pan- I Miss You Again (1970?) 潘迪華, 潘迪华


1. I Miss You Again
2. The Heart of Life
3. What Day is Today
4. Step Forward, Turn Back
5. Because I Love You
6. Be Safe on Your Travels
7. Love Can Make You Happy, Love Can Make You Sad
8. Where Can I Go?
9. I Love You, I Follow You, You're Beautiful to Me
10. Jing Jing*
11. One Year Ago Today
12. Cute And Alive

(*name of the person in the song)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Rita Abatzi, Vol. 1-4

Rita Abatzi was among the most stunning rebetiko singers of 1930s Greece. She is an ultimate favorite, here. (and here)

Rita Abatzi 1

Rita Abatzi 2

Rita Abatzi 3

*This song destroys!

Rita Abatzi 4


01. Rovas Departed (O Rovas exekinise) 3:29
02. Under the Arcadian Plane (Stis Arkadhias ton platano) 3:20
03. In Kalamata's Water (Stis Kalamatas to nero) 3:06
04. Bad Neighbor (Mori kakia ghitonisa) 3:25
05. The Abducted Vasiliki (Klepsan ti Vasiliki) 3:15
06. Where Are Your Rings (Ah pou 'n' ta dhahtilidhia sou) 3:17
07. Turtle Dove (Trighona) 3:16
08. A Little Rebel (Ena mikro kleftopoulo) 3:10
09. I'll Let My Hair and Beard to Grow (tha ' fiso ghenia ke malia) 3:22
10. Samarina (I Samarina) 3:18
11. My Skylark (Ghaliandhra mou) 3:10
12. Uphill, In Vlach Lodgings (Pano se vlahika konakia) 3:22
13. Ballos of Bournova (Balos bournovalios) 3:16
14. The Noble Son is Getting Married (Arhontoyios pantrevete) 3:14
15. My Children Why Are You Dirty (Pedhia m' yati 'st' analagha) 3:32
16. The Sickman (O arostos) 3:10
17. Livadia (Livadhia) 3:20
18. The Nightingale Order to Me (Mou parigile t' aidhoni) 3:24
19. Woman Dressed in Red (Kokkinoferemeni) 3:17
20. Peasant Girl (Horiatopoula) 3:12


01. O xemangas (The Ex Mangas) 3:19
02. O asikis (The Strapping Man) 3:08
03. Xanthi ke mavromata (Blonde Jewish Girl) 3:21
04. Xanthi Evreopoula (Blonde Jewish Girl) 3:16
05. Dervisis ke Rita (Dervish and Rita) 3:12
06. Neos Konialis (Man of Konya (new version) 3:12
07. Naziara mou (My Prudish Girl)
08. Mystiko na to his prepi (You Must Keep it Secret)3:15
09. Mesa sto pasalimani (In Pashalimani) 3:08
10. Karip hetaz manes (Karip hetaz manes) 3:20
11. Kakourgha aponi (Cruel and Heartless Woman) 3:13
12. I orphani (The Orphan Girl) 3:11
13. I Nitsa (Nitsa) 3:01
14. I Koula (Koula) 3:13
15. I Armenitsa (The Little Armenian Girl) 3:18
16. Zoula i Mariori (Mariori, In Secret) 3:27
17. Efige i aghapi mou (My Love Departed) 3:17
18. O psilos (The Flea) 3:16


01. Hira ke mangas (Widow and Mangas) 3:14
02. Ferte preza na prezaro (Bring Me Dope) 3:21
03. Feretze foro (I Wear Veil) 3:21
04. Tserkes (Tserkes) 3:15
05. To flytzani tou Yanni (Yannis' Cup) 3:10
06. To pasoumi (The Slipper) 3:15
07. Magiko (Magiko) 3:11
08. To ispraktoraki (The Little Conductor) 3:19
09. To vlepo tha pethano (I' ll see it, I ll die) 3:09
10. Ta hanoumakia (The Little Girls) 3:13
11. Ta pedia tis agoras (Market's Children) 3:18
12. Sta katsara sou valthika (In Your Curly Hair) 3:07
13. San ise mangas ke dais (If You are Tearless and Mangas) 3:17
14. Prepi na s' afiso (I Must Leave You) *Stellakis Perpiniadis 3:24
15. Pismatariko (Stubborn Girl) *Stellakis Perpiniadis 3:06
16. Pane ya to praso (They're Going on the Job) 2:50
17. Nosokoma mou mikroula (My Little Nurse) 3:10
18. O Vangelis tis mamis (Midwife's Vangelis) 3:30


01. The Gardener (O perivolaris) 3:13
02. Tell Me You Pain (Pes mou pios ine o ponos sou) 3:16
03. I Made Up My Mind (Apofasisa pouli mou) 3:16
04. Don't Sleep (apopse na min kimithis)*Stellakis Pepriniadis 3:16
05. The Boatman (Varkaris) 3:28
06. You Don't Care About Me (Ya mena dhe se meli) 2:51
07. For Your Love (Ya tin aghapi sou) 3:18
08. Neva sabah manes (Neva sabah manes - Prepi na skeptete kanis) 3:17
09. The Waitress (Garsona) 3:20
10. I Don't Love You (Dhe s aghapo) 3:20
11. Two Desires in My Heart (Dhio merakia stin kardhia mou) *Stelakis Perpiniadis 3:11
12. You Are a Tricky Girl (Ise pontos) 3:13
13. Come As You Are (Ela opos ise) 3:09
14. You Are Mad Girl (Esi se trelokoritso) 3:11
15. Nun (Kaloghria) 3:27
16. With Swamns and Drums (Me zournadhes ke daoulia) 3:18
17. The Grumbler (O mourmouris) 3:16
18. Aman Annitsa (Aman Annitsa) 3:12

House (aka Hausu) 1977

House (aka Hausu) 1977

Thursday, October 14, 2010

"Bariş Manço Changed My Life": Turkish Funk Mixes by DJ Kerriem

Really been feeling these vintage Turkish mixes by DJ Kerriem. He's a Turkish-rooted DJ based out of Germany whose vintage Psych-Funk crates runneth over. Plenty of rare groove over at his MixCloud. He's even put together a sweet "Turkobilly" (Turkish Rockabilly) mix. Wha??? This is great stuff- Check it!

mediafire links...
1. discotürk:


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

V/A- Written In Blood Vol. 3: Murderous Melodies (Left-Handed Label, 2010)

Murderous Melodies is the third volume of Nate Ashley's killer Written In Blood horror movie soundtrack series...All five volumes of this spectral monstrosity will be debuting here at Ghostcapital throughout the month of October.

"Covering 5 decades of haunting soundtrack music with over 100 songs! 10 years in the making, this 5 disc set includes never before released music and classic themes ranging from Ennio Morricone to Johan Soderqvist."

V/A- Written in Blood *320 upgrades added all week @ Nate Ashley’s new blog

If you have any questions or comments you'd like to share directly with Nate, feel free to hit him up:

Monday, October 11, 2010

Le Orme – L’Aurora Delle Orme (1970)

This collection of upbeat Italian psych pop from Le Orme predates the group's first album and their eventual turn toward classically influenced prog rock. In looking, I've come across nearly nothing but negative reviews on L’Aurora Delle Orme and can't help but wonder what kind of nerdly, mouth-breathing prog-rock goons are writing them. Seriously! For my money, this stuff has the tone, timbre, and quirky pop sensibility of fun, sunny Brazillian tropicalia. Recommended!

Mediafire Download Link: Le Orme – L’Aurora Delle Orme (1970)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

V/A- Persian Underground: Garage Rock, Beat and Psychedelic Sounds from The Iranian 60's & 70's Scene (Persianna, 2010)

"[An] Amazing collection that gathers some of the rarest Persian 45s, totally unknown outside of Iran until now. Here you'll find an eclectic mix of styles, from garage nuggets to cool Persian beat, exotic rock&roll and prog/psych. Featuring female drummer & singer Zangoleah with some killer garage / rockin' tracks, obscure bands like Takkhalha doing a fab cover of the Stones 'Play With Fire' and an amazing take on the Persian traditional song 'Mastom, Mastom', Golden Ring-styled beat by Big Boys, exotic Persian beat by Saeed and Tigers, terrific garage-beat by Ojubeha and the two sides of the Kambiz 45, probably the major discovery from Iran in the recent years and one of the few, if not the only truly Persian prog/psych 45s ever recorded. Remastered sound, liner notes and pictures."

I must opine that "amazing" is sort of off-the-mark for this comp. Believe me, I wanted it to be...And while it has its moments, the selection is far too bizarre to fully qualify. Although the handful of garage rave-ups definitely appeal to my own voracious appetite for rare psych-beat, almost none are out-and-out amazing. 2 or 3 of them, maybe. And the inclusion of the easy-rock prog stylings of Kambiz is completely mystifying. Beyond their perhaps apparent rarity, those songs seem to make no sense on this comp. They ruin any semblance of coherence or flow, they're pretty weak and, in all honesty, they just plain give me the weirds. But, hey, don't take my word for it...

Download Link: V/A- Persian Underground: Garage Rock, Beat and Psychedelic Sounds from The Iranian 60's & 70's Scene (Persianna, 2010)

Von Bingen- Von Bingen (Amen Absen, 2009) @ FM Shades

I've been lately enjoying the eponymous 2009 Von Bingen LP posted recently at FM Shades. Von Bingen are an analog-synth quartet from Vancouver BC. Seems like they'd be a great act to hear live:

"influenced by histories of conceptual art practices and electronic and outsider music native to the west coast, von bingen’s sound is at once reminiscent of distant sonics, such as those found in the labs of 60’s sf pioneers, or overheard in berlin’s zodiac club in the early 70’s, while also anticipating the drone of future decades. folk forms gleefully mutate, reborn as new hybrids, dignified by analog modular and semi-modular synthesizer systems from serge, buchla, and ems. instruments such as the flute, clarinet, guitar, and the drum are defamiliarized through quixotic treatments, originating from experimentations in the band’s studio. by rescuing tones, processes and technology from dusty desuetude, von bingen happens upon a unique retrofit for advanced audiences that is sure to confound, if not altogether please." (LP available for purchase at Mimaroglu)

* eyeglasses of kentucky (5:28)
* imps in eager caucus (4:26)
* murray 606 (10:21)

* the futility of all effort
* the vanity of all plans (12:43)
* graham house (6:26)

Friday, October 8, 2010

V/A- Written in Blood Vol.2- The A Capella Scream (Left-Handed Label, 2010)

The A Capella Scream is the second volume of Nate Ashley's outstanding Written In Blood horror movie soundtrack series...

"Covering 5 decades of haunting soundtrack music with over 100 songs! 10 years in the making, this 5 disc set includes never before released music and classic themes ranging from Ennio Morricone to Johan Soderqvist."

V/A- Written in Blood *320 upgrades added all week @ Nate Ashley’s new blog

If you have any questions or comments you'd like to send directly to Nate, feel free to drop him a line:

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cedric Im Brooks- Im Flash Forward (Studio One, 1977)

A fine 1977 collection of tunes cut by Cedric Im Brooks at Coxone Dodd's legendary Studio One. Brooks' smooth tenor sax offers up gentle, meditative versions of many of Coxsone's most classic riddims. These tracks had been recorded probably around 10 years prior to release on this LP. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly. (Jamaican press, so kindly forgive some measure of crackle & hiss, etc.)

"CEDRIC 'IM' BROOKS, born under the taurus sign, is a smooth, easy-going, soft-spoken artist who puts his moods into every single thing he does. One will appreciate this album for its serenity and sincerity, not to mention the solemn feeling one derives from listening. Each selection is titled through inspiration, and as a spectator would say, seeing Cedric at work with his horn one shouldn;t wonder where he gets his titles:-

1. Glory To Sound
2. Give Rasta Glory
3. Father Forgive
4. Walking Through
5. Free Man
6. Right Time
7. Smiley
8. Why Can't I
9. Idle Berg
10. Picture On The Wall"

-Sister Enid

Mediafire Download Link: Cedric Im Brooks- Im Flash Forward (Studio One, 1977)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Saadoun Al-Bayati- Songs of Iraq (Samar Industries, 1973)

"Saadoun Al-Bayati, born in Baghdad, Iraq, is the son of an ardhahalchi or paralegal fluent in Arabic, Turkish and Kurdish and a Sufi woman of the Na'imiyya order. As a child, while attending Sufi rituals and ceremonies with his mother and maternal uncle, Shaykh Jasim Abd al-Sittar, Saadoun was exposed to the meditative states produced through sustained percussion and vocalizing.

His voice training took place through Qur'anic recitation in which fine precision in achieving correct tones and articulation of words in required. As a young man, Saadoun often substituted for the muezzin at his neighborhood mosque in the Al-Fadhl section of Old Baghdad, calling Muslims to prayer. Having internalized the spiritual essence of a Middle Eastern/Islamic aesthetic, Saadoun has performed the music of Iraq and other parts of the Arab Middle East since childhood.

In the United States Saadoun pursued studies in acting and graduated from the Goodman Theatre at the Art Institute of Chicago. His many accomplishments as an actor included playing Dr. Aziz to Lillian Gish's Mrs. Moore in "A Passage to India" and working with such theatrical talents as Morris Carnovsky in "Mother Courage" and "King Lear "and Sam Wanamaker in "MacBeth."

But throughout his life and studies, music has been a focal point for his intense musical energies. Saadoun thus decided to learn the oud or unfretted version of the lute, initially to better understand the musical structures of Middle Eastern music - specifically the maqamat or modal structures, with their distinct ascending and descending scales - and eventually to provide a reliable support for his singing voice (not easy, when one has perfect pitch). Saadoun was fortunate to be able to learn from close personal friends such as the pre-eminent Nubian musician Hamza El-Din, the Lebanese musician George Khayyat, and the Syrian oud-player Hussny El-Zaim.

He has performed at concerts and night clubs in many parts of the United States. Saadoun's unique musical expression emanates from the depth of his soul and transcends all geographical boundaries. A voice that stirs profound emotions and a technique that is at once powerful and sensuous represent the highest level of artistic expression." (From his website)

Songs of Iraq was arranged and performed entirely by Saadoun Al-Bayati in 1973.

This is one I have been deeply torn about posting. Its a masterful record, deeply underappreciated outside of the Iraqi community. More people should know it. Its also currently available on CD (with different artwork) from Al-Bayati's website and as a download via iTunes. That said, it goes against the stated ethic of this blog to post it for download. But...I've decided to flub it here and offer you a vinyl rip of this magnificent record quite literally in an effort to promote it...for two weeks only. I'll hope that this choice communicates nothing but the deepest respect for Mr. Al-Bayati's work. I will be removing the download link to Saadoun Al-Bayati's Songs of Iraq prior to midnight on Monday Oct. 18th. Enjoy.

Mediafire Download Link: Removed.

A1 Gypsy I
Night Train (Marrayna Bikum Hamid)
A2a Night Train (Marrayna Bikum Hamid)
A2b Everybody Blames Me (Faugi Al-Malama)
A3 Brown Skinned Girl (Samra)
B1 Iraqi 6
Love Poem (Lamma Anakhu)
B1a Love Poem (Lamma Anakhu)
B1b Doing Fine (Faug An-Nakhl Faug)
B3 Gypsy II

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Basil Wolverton- Giant Tsunami

Giant Tsunami by Basil Wolverton. Probably my favorite image from The Wolverton Bible.

“On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea.” Luke 21:25

V/A- Written in Blood Vol.1 Redux: Classic, Unreleased, Unused and Out-of-Print Romantically Macabre Soundtrack Music (Left-Handed Label, 2010)

"Covering 5 decades of haunting soundtrack music with over 100 songs! 10 years in the making, this 5 disc set includes never before released music and classic themes ranging from Ennio Morricone to Johan Soderqvist."

Written In Blood was designed and compiled by good friend, musician and soundtrack fanatic, Nate Ashley. Nate's been working on completing this 5-disc magnum-opus anthology of rare and essential horror movie music for many, many years. Its drawn from vinyl, cd, cassette, VHS, DVD- and in recent years- rare mp3 soundtrack sources. His knowledge of the genre and commitment to perfection has yielded what I consider to be an instant-classic bootleg compilation, featuring eerie custom illustrations and designs all lovingly rendered by Mr. Ashley himself.

Written In Blood is a truly amazing effort & I am proud to announce that Ghostcapital will debuting all 5 volumes of this collection over the course of October- Starting right here & now, with Vol. 1.

V/A- Written in Blood *320 upgrades added all week @ Nate Ashley’s new blog

*You can also follow this link for more of Nate's great soundtrack compilation work available here at Ghostcapital.