Sunday, October 10, 2010

Von Bingen- Von Bingen (Amen Absen, 2009) @ FM Shades

I've been lately enjoying the eponymous 2009 Von Bingen LP posted recently at FM Shades. Von Bingen are an analog-synth quartet from Vancouver BC. Seems like they'd be a great act to hear live:

"influenced by histories of conceptual art practices and electronic and outsider music native to the west coast, von bingen’s sound is at once reminiscent of distant sonics, such as those found in the labs of 60’s sf pioneers, or overheard in berlin’s zodiac club in the early 70’s, while also anticipating the drone of future decades. folk forms gleefully mutate, reborn as new hybrids, dignified by analog modular and semi-modular synthesizer systems from serge, buchla, and ems. instruments such as the flute, clarinet, guitar, and the drum are defamiliarized through quixotic treatments, originating from experimentations in the band’s studio. by rescuing tones, processes and technology from dusty desuetude, von bingen happens upon a unique retrofit for advanced audiences that is sure to confound, if not altogether please." (LP available for purchase at Mimaroglu)

* eyeglasses of kentucky (5:28)
* imps in eager caucus (4:26)
* murray 606 (10:21)

* the futility of all effort
* the vanity of all plans (12:43)
* graham house (6:26)


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Daniel said...

Thanks for the post. We (Von Bingen) are huge Ghost Capital fans!

ryan said...

just thought I'd point out that the link to FM Shades is a little erroneous. great post!

nick said...

fixed the link. and daniel- thanks for popping over to say so. this record rulez. please keep me posted if ya'll are ever playing portland...