Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cedric Im Brooks- Im Flash Forward (Studio One, 1977)

A fine 1977 collection of tunes cut by Cedric Im Brooks at Coxone Dodd's legendary Studio One. Brooks' smooth tenor sax offers up gentle, meditative versions of many of Coxsone's most classic riddims. These tracks had been recorded probably around 10 years prior to release on this LP. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly. (Jamaican press, so kindly forgive some measure of crackle & hiss, etc.)

"CEDRIC 'IM' BROOKS, born under the taurus sign, is a smooth, easy-going, soft-spoken artist who puts his moods into every single thing he does. One will appreciate this album for its serenity and sincerity, not to mention the solemn feeling one derives from listening. Each selection is titled through inspiration, and as a spectator would say, seeing Cedric at work with his horn one shouldn;t wonder where he gets his titles:-

1. Glory To Sound
2. Give Rasta Glory
3. Father Forgive
4. Walking Through
5. Free Man
6. Right Time
7. Smiley
8. Why Can't I
9. Idle Berg
10. Picture On The Wall"

-Sister Enid

Mediafire Download Link: Cedric Im Brooks- Im Flash Forward (Studio One, 1977)


litlgrey said...

Oh, that confused me to pieces! I thought you were referring to the British Production Library label named Studio One:

Holly said...

Thank you!

roberth said...

i am totally in a cedric brooks
phase. could you re up this one
in your next batch of re ups
been enjoying many many of the reups
latest listen was wendall from
the bahamas. very cool.