Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rebecca Pan- I Miss You Again (Hong Kong, 1970?) 潘迪華, 潘迪华

Rebecca Pan is a well-known Chinese actress and pop chanteuse from Hong Kong. She has performed in a handful of Wong-Kar Wai's films, including the most-excellent In The Mood For Love (as Mrs. Suen). Big thanks to Mike for passing this along: rip, scans & tracklist, all. Exact date and provenance of this LP is unknown, as it was "bought in the 90's at the fishmarket in Hamburg at 7am."

Mediafire Download Link: Rebecca Pan- I Miss You Again (1970?) 潘迪華, 潘迪华


1. I Miss You Again
2. The Heart of Life
3. What Day is Today
4. Step Forward, Turn Back
5. Because I Love You
6. Be Safe on Your Travels
7. Love Can Make You Happy, Love Can Make You Sad
8. Where Can I Go?
9. I Love You, I Follow You, You're Beautiful to Me
10. Jing Jing*
11. One Year Ago Today
12. Cute And Alive

(*name of the person in the song)


Holly said...

What a great find - thanks to both of you!

* * e d o * * said...

thanks man this looks great!

peter said...

thanks so much for this!
that mando-pop practice of playing staccato electric guitar and xylophone lines in unison has to be among my favorite musical sounds, and this album has it in abundance!!