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(V/A)- Turkey: Traditional Songs and Music (Lyrichord, 1977)

Turkish field recordings compiled & edited by Wold Dietrich, 1968-1977.

"...Among these pieces there are some relatively old forms but also some new, more urban forms. With one exception all these documents are on-the-field recordings made in various villages during several trips to Turkey in 1968-1977. they illustrate main tendencies- those which are disappearing and others which are developing- in Turkish music of today." (Cover notes)

I've found I'm generally drawn to most anything that's taqsim. 320 Vinyl rip by yours truly. Lyrichord, 1977 (LLST 7356).

Download Link: Removed by request from Lyrichord.

1. Ezan: The Müezzin's call for prayer (Antalya, 1968)- Mustafa Ozdemir (voice)
2. Hunkar Hacibertas Veli'nin Nefesi: Air of Lord Hadijibektash Veli (Incirliova, 1977)- Ali Sözen (lute)
3. Ussak Makaminda Bir Taksim: Improvisation on the Ushak Scale (Bodrum, 1977)- Salih Baysal (violin)
4. 'Zahidem' Turkusu: Song of Zahide (Çandir, 1973)- Halil Ekiz (voice)
5. Hicaz Taksimi Ve Suzinak Pesrevi: Improvisation and Prelude (Wiesbaden, 1973)- Özkan Gençay (zither)
6. Genc Osman: Young Osman (Istanbul, 1976)- Mehter Band of the Asker Müze
7. Koroglu Oyun Havasi: Dance tune (Incirliova, 1977)- Hüseyin Doğan, Sabahattin Diner & Hüseyin Doğan Jr. (shawm/drum)
8. Rumeli Ciftetellisi - Greek ciftelli dance (Ürgüp, 1976)- Haydar & Mustafa Çevik (clarinet/drum)
9. Artvin Honoru: Horon dance from Artvin (Kars, 1976)- Sadi Ternez & Yaşar Aktepe (pipe/drum)
10. Karakoyun Icin Avsar Havasi: Melody for the sheep (Kirazlı Köyü, 1977)- Reşat Uysal (flute)
11. Karakoyun Suyu Icermege Icin - Shepherd tune for the sheep going to drink (Bakırköy, 1977)- Süleyman Özdemir (flute)
12. Samfistik Turkusu: Song of the damascene pistachio (Beşdeğirmenler, 1973)- Ibrahim Kepetçioğlu (voice & lute)
13. Kocaarap Zeyebegi: The old arab Zeybeck dance (Karagözler Köyü, 1977)- Idriz & Kâmil Keskin (gourd fiddle/lute)
14. Arhavi Oyun Havasi: Dance from Arhavi (Arhavi, 1976)- Hasan Turna (fiddle)

My Mind- "Noblesse Oblige"

So, I've been steady rocking "Noblesse Oblige", the latest morsel from fond VA/Philly/ Toronto friends- My Mind. It would appear that this track has been recently included on the Funny/Not Funny Fall Mixtape. If my understanding is correct, they should also have an LP coming out on Harvest Records sometime in early 2011. I featured My Mind's splendiferous Path Masher 7", released last year on Badmaster, way way back in the wee hours of this site. These peeps can be counted on to circumnavigate the far-flung poles between concise & spastic 1-min power-psych-folk jamz* (Did I just write that?) - sourcing their inspiration from such-like Nick Lowe & Nillson, The Raincoats & Hüsker Dü- and an obverse tendency toward more rambunctious & clattering extended drone cacophanies. One might sample their 2009 U.S. Out of My Mind/Stay Out Of The Territories Cassette for a good example of what it is I'm trying to explain. Word.

And older track."Bow Unto The King"(partial) As Eat Forever:

*Actually, I think they're calling it Punk-Pop (but definitely not the other way around)

White- White (Maybe Mars, 2009) 兵马司

"White was formed by Shou Wang and Shen Jing in February 2005, and has quickly become one of the most acclaimed outfits in the Beijing new music scene. White’s sound is ever evolving, spiralling outwards from the core stars of noise and minimalism to take in everything from the phase patterns of Steve Reich, the atonal chords of Glenn Branca, Throbbing Gristle’s aggressive electronic shimmer, Neubauten’s rhythmic invention, and the gu zheng masters of Chinese classical music. Their pieces can range from highly organized agglomerations of atonal chords that have an almost rock and roll ferociousness, to a completely anarchic attack of weirdly syncopated drum sounds derived from a chance encounter with old furniture or a dysfunctional machine.
Shou Wang, who plays guitar, organ, toys, analogue pedals, drums, and effects, is a founder member of the Chinese new music movement ‘No Beijing’ and is the guitarist/vocalist for Beijing noise band Carsick Cars. In spite of his extreme youth he is considered by many [to be] at the very heart of the new generation of Chinese avant-garde musicians, in 2006 flying to New York to take part in Glenn Branca’s famous No.13 recording “Hallucination City” for 100 guitarists. In 2005 he formed White No.1, a septet that paid tribute to the early work of Glenn Branca, and White 2J, in which he played keyboards. Finally he and Shen Jing, who had been admirers of each other’s music from afar and who shared the same passion for New York noise and kosmiche rhythms, formed White as an outlet for their more avant garde tendencies.

Shen Jing plays analogue synth, drums, percussion, sampler, vocals, tape manipulation, and effects; she has been deeply immersed in Beijing’s music scene since 1998, participating in the vibrant explosion it has undergone in recent years. Until 2006, she was the drummer in Beijing indie/punk legends Hang On The Box, but since 2003, her work has increasingly demonstrated her own unique form of cosmic industrial noise.

In May 2007 Blixa Bargeld, of Einsturzende Neubaten fame, shipped White off to Berlin to produce their first CD. For months the results have been kept under wraps and subject to whispers but it will finally be released in May 2008 by Bing Ma Si/Maybe Mars. White will tour Europe behind Einsturzende Neubaten in May 2008 as part of the CD release." (Maybe Mars)

These two are a righteous noise/industrial pulsar illuminating the Beijing experimental scene circa now. This, their debut album, already appears to be woefully out-of-print. Big ups to SmallWett from the 320 rip.

Short clip of a 2006 performance at D22 in Beijing:

Opening for Neubauten in Berlin:

Mediafire Download Link: Removed (see comments).

1 Really Real German 0:11
2 Space Decay 5:22
3 Spring House 4:26
4 Conch Crunch 5:09
5 Beijing Beer 0:19
6 Build A Link 5:01
7 Train Song 5:32
8 English School 0:25
9 Roswitha Strunk 3:56
10 Falling Down 3:59
11 47 Rockets (For Wan Hu) 5:45
12 Traffic Report 0:11
13 Bai 3:45

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Douglas Quin- Fathom (Taiga, 2010)

“Douglas Quin’s Fathom brings together four extended underwater soundscapes—two each from the Arctic and Antarctic. The recordings have been gathered over a period of 15 years, capturing an extraordinary palette of sonic voices, events, spaces, and textures. To the human ear, these soundscapes are haunting and otherworldly; yet they are very much of this world—out of earreach. The tracks are minimally edited and are his first field recordings to be archived in vinyl. Included with the release is a sealed envelope containing an insert with specific locations, animals, and other elements heard, giving listeners the option to absorb sound with or without association. The envelope is printed with liner notes and comments from Dutch journalist and music critic René van Peer. Mastered by James Plotkin, cut direct to metal and pressed on 200 gram virgin-vinyl, Fathom comes packaged in custom letterpressed materials and is presented as a limited edition of 1000.” (Taiga)

Just last week, my sister's friend Chance took off to Chile for his seasonal gig on an Antarctic research vessel. At his goodbye dinner, he was explaining how amazingly laser-like leopard seals sound when swimming underwater. Its true. You can hear them in droves on this album's second Antarctic track: "77° 37’ S 165° 48’ E". Fathom offers a fascinating presentation of unprocessed, ethereal polar sounds. Quin's field recordings fall nicely within the very best, most authentic genre of ambient music; that of the natural world. As always, Taiga has pulled out all the packaging stops with a beautiful, deluxe letter-pressed album cover. I believe I'm gonna grab a copy of the real mccoy from Mimaroglu while there's still some left. Big thanks to Dom (in Portugal) for this album rip.

Download Links, Douglas Quin- Fathom (Taiga 11, 2010): FLAC and 320 mp3

58° 37’ N 159° 59’ W
59° 02’ N 158° 25’ W
64° 49’ S 64° 02’ W
77° 37’ S 165° 48’ E

Friday, November 26, 2010

(V/A)- Global Accordion: Early Recordings 1927-1948 (Wergo, 2002)

The accordion is the ultimate global instrument. As a catalyst of popular music it spread around the world in the 19th century like wildfire. 26 rare 78rpm recordings from Africa, Latin America, the US, the Caribbean and Europe display the enormous variety of early accordion styles. You will glimpse a wild folk music that hardly exists today. The invention of the "accordion", as it was named in the patent granted to Viennese organ and piano builder Cyrill Demian in 1829 was a musical explosion, which triggered a chain reaction of global dimension. The accordion was louder than any string instrument, and it was portable. It also had fixed tuning. But its biggest advantage was its format as a one-man-band. Even when pressing the wrong notes within a melody it still sounded pleasant. Therefore the accordion was seen as a "miracle box" which immediately allowed everybody without any formal musical training to participate actively in music making. It may truly be claimed that the accordion gave birth to popular music. (Wergo)

This is great stuff. That said, I hereby protest the price of Wergo's $22 CD imports. Furthermore, this album is otherwise unavailable for download in the US, due to Jurassic licensing issues. "No sir, I don't like it." And so, here you go...

Download Link: (V/A)- Global Accordion: Early Recordings 1927-1948 (Wergo, 2002) *320 kbps upgrade from the Owl, ex post facto. Gracias, amigo.

Puerto Rico . Los Borinquenos: Caridad (Bolero plena)
Ireland . The Flanagan Brothers: The Rights of Man
France . Martin Cayla & Adrian Bras: Lo Glaoudo (Bourrée)
Turkey . Papatzis-Tsakiris: Syrtos Politikos
West Africa . George Williams Aingo: Tarkwa Na Abosu
Finland . Aili ja Lyyli Vainikainen: Kasakka-Pollka
Switzerland . Bauernkapelle Lott: Im Alpstübli
Brazil . Luiz Gonzaga: Seu Januario
Louisiana, USA . Les Breaux Frères: Fais Do-Do Negre
Italy . Caesare Pezzolo: Viva la giga
Vienna, Austria . Wiener Original Schrammeln: Slibowitz Tanz
Madagascar . Hira Malaza Taloha: Rambalamanana
Dominica . Grupo Dominicano: Buen Humor (Merengue)
Salzburg, Austria . Instrumental Bauern-Quartett: Dradiwalzer
Russia . Gregori Matusewitch: Yidisher Melodien
Texas/Mexico . Narciso Martinez: El Tecolote (Huapango)
Bavaria, Germany . Georg Weinschütz: S‘Loisachtal
South Africa . Jonas Mate & Kleinbooi Motaung: Mamolikoane
USA . Huddie Ledbetter: Corn Bread Rough
Austria . Steirisches Instrumental-Trio: Übelbacher Walzer
Poland . Stanislaw Bagdzinski: Wesole Wujaszek (Oberek)
Québec, Canada . Monmarquette & St. Jean: Clog de William Durette
Sweden . Lager-Olson Quartet: Koster Valsen
George Tremain: Huntsman‘s Chorus
Styria, Austria . Original Steirische Bauernkapelle: Altsteirische Harmonika Ländler 2
France . Ernest Jaillet: Bouree Lozerienne

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Uña Ramos- El Arte de la Quena (Trova, 1968)

Uña Ramos is a crown prince of the quena (Quechua wood/bamboo flute). A stone-classic in a genre now cheaply maligned by childish yanquis, in my own opinion. Done right, there's little else that I find to be so celebratory, uplifting and sad- all at once- as Andean flute music. Check out this dude (not Uña Ramos) for a taste of what I'm talking about:

He's basically my idol.

Anyway, El Arte de la Quena is an old favorite around my house. It gets me every time. Was halfway through the process of tagging my own vinyl rip, when I found an APE version of a better vinyl copy offered over at Andes Nevados. There's plenty more Uña Ramos over there, too. I've gone ahead and converted the files to 320 mp3 for those of you who, like myself, could give or take these various lossless formats- at least until more of them are iPod-compatible. Enjoy.

Download Link: Uña Ramos- El Arte de la Quena (Trova, 1968)

A1 Virgenes Del Sol
A2 Desdeñosa
A3 Kacharpari
A4 Vienen Bajando Las Llamitas
A5 Recuerdos De Calahuayo
A6 Amakonchahuanquichu
B1 Festa Aymara
B2 Cuequita De Los Covas
B3 Guadalguivir
B4 Anatas Al Viento
B5 Naranjales
B6 Acuarela Potosina

Friday, November 19, 2010

Ghostcapital Mix: "What Goes Up..."

This latest Ghostcapital Mix takes the form of a 90-minute audio cassette and thus, its a two-sided affair. An eclectic blend of psych, folk, funk & soul- as per my usual steez. I believe it flows quite nicely. Hope you dig it! Ghostcapital Mix: "What Goes Up..." *Re-upped 4/21/12 via Jumbofiles

Side A.

1. Alsatian Darn / Panda Bear
2. Wimoweh / Brian Eno
3. Chipolenado / Juan Vicente Torrealba
4. Don't Let Me Fall / The Relatives
5. Come Together / Spacemen 3
6. Love is Blue / Jackie Mittoo & the Soul Vendors
7. Fantastic Man / William Onyeabor
8. Inside Your Heart / The Monochrome Set
9. The Star of County Down/ Childgrove /Suni Mcgrath
10. Strangely Strange but Oddly Normal / Dr. Strangely Strange
11. What Goes Up / Tall Dwarfs
12. Irene / Le Orme
13. Demolicion / Los Saicos

Side B

1. Ikimiz Bir Fidaniz / Kamuran Akkor
2. Release Me / Johnny Adams
3. Shake the Shackles / Crystal Stilts
4. Wolf's At Your Door / Lattie Murrell
5. Mudie's Mood / Rhythm Rulers
6. The Rubber Room / Porter Wagoner
7. Le Ciel est Doux / Brigitte Fontaine & Areski Belkacem
8. Narrow Alleys / San Ul Lim
9. To Flytzani tou Yanni (Yannis' Cup) / Rita Abatzi
10. Eclipse Of The Moon / Tony, Caro And John
11. Cumbia Sin Nombre / Ranil y Su Conjunto Tropical
12. Rich Man, Poor Man / Andrew Wartts and the Gospel Storytellers
13. Khala My Friend / Amanaz
14. Groove To The Beat / Keith & Ken

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rob Jo Star Band- S/T (1975)

"Very great & unknown French quasi prog/psych hard rocker originally released on the Dom label in 1975. Even amongst the European psychedelic cognoscenti, Rob Jo Star Bands sole lp is somewhat of an enigma. Careening forward & stumbling over 13th Floor Elevators bleeb alien moves, Velvet Underground sustained vibes & Stooges-like guitar fuzz, Rob Joe Star created a singular masterpiece that is truly incomparable to anything released in or around its time (circa 1975). Along with the Angel Face Wild Odyssey lp, one of Frances long obscured musical treasures. French import, edition of 300." (Fusetronsound)

Far-out, bizarro French psych/protopunk from 1975. Like an incoherent, uber-primitive Velvets or Simply Saucer collaborating with Pierre Henry- what with all the freaky synth doodlings and such. Lyrics sung in a barely decipherable "English", with something of a cut-rate Damo Suzuki vibe. Freaking sweet! LP reissue on Pomme. Many thanks to yellow5 for the rip.

Mediafire Download Link: Rob Jo Star Band- S/T (1975)

A1 I Call On One's Muse
A2 Rob Jo Star Band
A3 Lovings Machine
A4 Not The Crazy Man
A5 Story Dangerous
B1 Acid Revolution
B2 Black Sun
B3 Blood Flower
B4 Stone Away

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Montells/ EVIL- Split LP (Corduroy, CORD 027)

"Blasting 60s punk from Florida, 1966! You may've heard the Montells' "You Can't Make Me" on "Back From The Grave" and their split 7" with The Evil on Norton which features the ferocious "Movin' On"… well this has both those two classics plus a whole album's worth of unreleased brilliance! The Evil actually formed outa the ashes of The Montells, and you get the full history of both bands on the liner notes inside the awesome pink & silver gatefold sleeve!" (Corduroy)

Rockin' original garage punk. Sure to please fans of Nuggets, Pebbles, Back From The Grave, Teenage Shutdown, Ugly Things, etc. Released in 2002 by Australian imprint, Corduroy. 320 Vinyl Rip by yours truly.

Mediafire Download Link: The Montells/ EVIL- Split LP (Corduroy, CORD 027)

A1 Montells - You Can't Make Me
A2 The Evil - I'm Moving On
A3 The Evil - Don't Put Me Down (Uncensored)
A4 Montells - Daddy Rolling Stone
A5 The Evil - Whatcha Gonna Do
B1 The Evil - I Know I'll Die
B2 The Evil - Always Runnin' Around
B3 Montells - Watch Out For That Guy
B4 Montells - Don't Bring Me Down (1st Demo)*
B5 Montells - Can't Explain*

*Surface noise unavoidable. Tried everything w/ 2 different stylus'.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Frank Frost- Frank Frost (Jewel, 1973)

"Although the atmospheric juke joint blues of Frank Frost remained steeped in unadulterated Delta funk throughout his career, his ongoing musical journey took him well outside his Mississippi homebase.

He moved to St. Louis in 1951, learning how to blow harp first from Little Willie Foster and then from the legendary Sonny Boy Williamson, who took him on the road -- as a guitar player -- from 1956 to 1959. Drummer Sam Carr, a longtime Frost ally, was also part of the equation, having enticed Frost to front his combo in 1954 before hooking up with Sonny Boy.

Leaving Williamson's employ in 1959, Frost and Carr settled in Lula, MS. Guitarist Jack Johnson came aboard in 1962 after sitting in with the pair at the Savoy Theatre in Clarksdale. The three meshed perfectly -- enough to interest Memphis producer Sam Phillips in a short-lived back-to-the-blues campaign that same year. Hey Boss Man!, issued on Sun's Phillips International subsidiary as by Frank Frost and the Nighthawks, was a wonderful collection of uncompromising Southern blues (albeit totally out of step with the marketplace at the time).

Elvis Presley's ex-guitarist Scotty Moore produced [THIS RECORD] in Nashville in 1966 for Jewel Records. Augmented by session bassist Chip Young, the trio's tight downhome ensemble work was once again seamless. "My Back Scratcher," Frost's takeoff on Slim Harpo's "Baby Scratch My Back," even dented the R&B charts on Shreveport-based Jewel for three weeks..." (Bill Dahl, Allmusic)

I don't normally go for this kind of electrified boogie-blues, but Frost's band keeps a groovy backbeat and his harmonica sound is gritty and expressive enough to keep me satisfied. Also, the album art is gorgeous. Good stuff. A fairly rare LP. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly.

Download Link: Frank Frost- Frank Frost (Jewel, 1973)

1. Got My Mojo Working
2. My Back Scratcher
3. Feel Good Babe
4. Things You Do
5. Janie On Your Mind
6. Never Leave Me At Home
7. Didn't Mean No Harm
8. Pretty Baby
9. Five Long Years

*Due to vinyl wear, "Pocket Full of Money" and "Ride With Your Daddy Tonight" (A-Side, Tracks 5 & 6) have been omitted from this album rip.

Sisters- Everybody (Parts Unknown, 2008) *Broken Water related

Sisters were a rockin dissonant 3-piece out of Olympia, WA. Everybody was released on Parts Unknown in 2008. Maybe those dudez should think on bringing it back in-print, since Broken Water appears to be blowing up alongst the cool-kid circuit. If you dig Sonic Youth, Polvo, Sebadoh, early Blonde Redhead, et al, then this is more of that and its not bad. These peeps are on the good end of new rock, as far as I'm concerned. If its derivative then so be it. Doesn't ruin thee olde appetite when I hear 'em, and that's praise coming from me, as I've generally begun to morph into a crotchety old sourpuss when drawn into discussions of currently hip musicks. Sorry folks, that just how it is. Shout-out to "stabilimenta" for the vinyl rip!

Download Link: Sisters- Everybody (Parts Unknown, 2008)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

(V/A)- Songsters & Saints: Vocal Traditions on Race Records Vol. 1 (Matchbox, 1984)

The first of a landmark two volume series compiled by Paul Oliver, released as a companion piece to his book of the same name. "Race Records", in this context, refers to commercially produced records originally brought to market with black audiences in mind. Record One focuses on secular show-tunes and hokum entertainments, while Record Two explores a wide variety of gospel and religious recordings. A high quality scan of the inner sleeve's ample liner notes has been posted above. I highly recommend reading them over. These volumes are long out-of-print, although a large handful of the tracks have, over the years, made it to some other great compilations, such as: American Primitive Vol. 1: Raw Pre-War Gospel, Good For What Ails You: Music From The Medicine Shows, and Washington Phillips- What Are They Doing In Heaven Today? (*DL) and, most likely, plenty of others as well.

Here's a Songster:

Here's a Saint:

Download Link: (V/A)- Songsters & Saints: Vocal Traditions on Race Records Vol. 1 (Matchbox, 1984)

Record 1.
Dances And Traveling Shows

Peg Leg Howell and Eddie Anthony
- Turkey Buzzard Blues
Pink Anderson and Simmie Dooley
- Gonna Tip Out Tonight
"Beans" Hambone - El Morrow
- Beans
Earl McDonald's Original Louisville Jug Band
- Under The Chicken Tree
Alec Johnson
- Mysterious Coon
"Big Boy" George Owens
- The Coon Crap Game
Memphis Sheiks
- He's In The Jailhouse Now
Charley Patton
- Elder Greene Blues
Hambone Willie Newbern
- Way Down In Arkansas

Comment, Parodies And Ballad Heroes

Lil McClintock
- Furniture Man
Julius Daniels
- Can't Put The Bridle On That Mule This Morning
Hezekiah Jenkins
- The Panic Is On
Bogus Ben Covington
- I Heard The Voice Of A Pork Chop
Johnson - Nelson - Porkchop
- G. Burns Is Gonna Rise Again
Bo Chatman
- Good Old Turnip Greens
Two Poor Boys
- John Henry Blues
Will Bennett
- Railroad Bill
Kid Coley
- Clair And Pearley Blues

Record 2.
Baptists And Sanctified Preachers

Rev. Jim Beale
- The Hand Of The Lord Was Upon Me
Rev. A.W. Nix
- After The Ball Is Over
Rev. Isaiah Shelton
- As The Eagle Stirreth Her Nest
Rev. J.M. Milton
- Silk Worms And Boll Weevils
Rev. H.M. Massey
- Old Time Baptism - part 2
Rev. J.T. Burch
- Baptised By Water, and Baptism By The Holy Ghost
Rev. E.S (Shy) Moore
- The Solemn Warning
Elder Curry
- Prove All Things
Rev. Leora Ross
- God's Mercy To Colonel Lindbergh

Gospel Soloists And Evangelists

Missionary Josephine Miles and Sister Elizabeth Cooper
- You Have Lost Jesus
Mother McCollum
- When I Take My Vacation In Heaven
Eddie Head and his Family
- Down On Me
Washington Phillips
- I Am Born To Preach The Gospel
Blind Roosevelt Graves and Brother
- Telephone To Glory
The Guitar Evangelist
- Death Is Only A Dream
Blind Willie Davis
- Your Enemy Cannot Harm You
Blind Nesbit
- Pure Religion
William and Versey Smith
- When That Great Ship Went Down

Monday, November 8, 2010

(V/A)- Get Ready Rock Steady (Coxsone CSL 8007)

In Jamaica and England Rock Steady has become the most popular dance craze. It has swept into clubs and Discoteques up and down the country. This LP to date contains the most progressive Rock Steady tunes ever to be put together on one LP. It features artists such as Alton Ellis, Roland Alphonso and the Soul Vendor, who have been a smash hit at clubs and dance halls all over England. This LP will bring the same excitement into your homes and parties as was experienced by thousands of fans- So Get Ready- to Dance All Night- For its Rock Steady Time. *Plus two bonus tracks. (Cover notes, J.S. Flynn)

The sweetness of the harmonized vocal rises on this Keith & Ken track come off like raw sugarcane. Sounds to be a sort-of stripped down cousin to Andy & Joey's "You're Wondering Now", with a (very) proto-dancehall riddim, due to the punchy low-lows of that relentless bassline. Check this soulful, earth-moving rocksteady gemstone:

Mediafire Download Link: (V/A)- Get Ready Rock Steady (Coxsone CSL 8007) *320 Vinyl Rip by yours truly.

1 Alton Ellis - Never Love Again
2 The Termites - My Last Love
3 Norma Fraser - Hound Dog
4 The Bassies - Big Mistake
5 Ken & Delroy - Won't You Come Home Now
6 Ken & Delroy - Oh Babe
7 The Soul Vendors - Darker Shade of Black
8 The Soul Vendors - Fat Fish
9 Pete Young - If You Got Soul
10 The Hamlins - Soul and Inspiration
11 The Soul Agents - Get Ready Rock Steady
12 Keith & Ken - Groove to the Beat
13 Sound Dimension- Night Doctor
14 The Lyrics- Money Lover
12 The Soul Vendors - Fat Fish

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bobby Beausoleil - The Lucifer Rising Suite (The Ajna Offensive, 2009)

"Robert Kenneth Beausoleil was born under the sign of the scorpion on November 6th, 1947 in Santa Barbara, California. Roughly translated, Beausoleil means “Beautiful Sun”and Bobby has seized this meaning in more recent years by capitalizing the ‘s’ for emphasis. The name itself betrays certain artistic and spiritual coordinates. At the age of 16, he packed his guitar and headed south for Los Angeles where he quickly became entrenched in the colorful Hollywood music scene. He played guitar for several garage acts, including a brief stint with Arthur Lee and The Grass Roots. Still too young to play the adults only circuit, BeauSoleil was soon let go. As would prove to be the case throughout his life, BeauSoleil’s brief impression was lasting and Arthur Lee soon re-christened his band Love, reputedly a winking homage to the young runaway’s romantic proclivities. Bandless but unbroken, BeauSoleil soon headed for higher ground and landed in Haight Ashbury just prior to his 18th birthday. Marching into the thriving psychedelic street revolution, BeauSoleil formed an art rock band, The Orkustra, and began gigging regularly at Be-In events throughout the city. It was during this time, just months before the onset of theSummer of Love, that underground filmmaker Kenneth Anger discovered BeauSoleil during a psychedelic arts festival called The Invisible Circus. Anger immediately cast the handsome musician as the lead man and fallen angel archetype in his latest celluloid ritual, Lucifer Rising. With typical melodramatic pomp, Anger approached BeauSoleil in a parking lot after the festival,declaring, “You are Lucifer!” BeauSoleil agreed to play the part under the condition that he would also compose the film’s soundtrack."

“Now, for the first time, all of the music composed for the soundtrack project has been compiled into a single public release. The Lucifer Rising Suite begins with the 1967 version of the soundtrack and continues through a logical sequence of the recordings made in the years spanning 1976-79. With respect to the latter, the original master tapes were mined for music that had not been heard by anyone in nearly three decades. The newly unearthed recordings were then restored, cleaned up and combined with those previously released to make the anthology as complete as possible.
“The compositions that comprise the Suite are sequenced in an order that tells a story, after a fashion. It is a story that may be impossible to tell in a strictly literary manner, one that – like a mirror’s reflection into another – is both personal and allegorical.” (Beausoleil/Myspace)

Included here are the first 3 records in the 4xLP box set released in 2009 by The Ajna Offensive. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly. You can still get the film's soundtrack (as found on the 4th LP) over at Mutant Sounds.

Download Link: Bobby Beausoleil - The Lucifer Rising Suite (The Ajna Offensive, 2009)

A Lucifer Rising I, 1967 24:20
B1 Dark Passage 4:26
B2 Hellion Rebellion 6:26
B3 Sleeping Dragon 7:48
B4 Dance Of The Fire Demons 3:18
C1 Fallen Angel Blues, Pt I 7:09
C2 Fallen Angel Blues, Pt II 11:14
C3 Electric Blue 2:49
D1 Tear It Down 8:11
D2 No Going Back 9:50
E1 Metamorph 6:54
E2 Penumbra 12:49
F Beacon 21:40

Duo Ouro Negro com Sivuca- Africanissimo (Columbia/EMI, Angola)

An upgrade for an all-time favorite! Duo Ouro Negro were an amazing popular harmony group formed out of 1950's Angola. Sivuca is the heavyweight Brazillian accordionist feautured prominently on side-A. Side B appears to have been cut at different sessions with other backing combos. You may have seen this record here or here before, but never at 320 kbps*. Big thanks to Dom for the rip and the scans. An essential.

Duo Ouro Negro com Sivuca- Africanissimo (Columbia/EMI, Angola)

1. Kurikutela
2. Mana Fatita
3. Kangrima
4. Muxima
5. Eh! Sambá
6. Maria Candimba
7. Dekhnni
8. Carnaval de Luanda
9. Katéria
10. Minha Mulata
11. Upa Neguinho
12. Singing My Song

*Side B is different here than on other versions I've had. While confusing, its hard to argue with the tracklist as shown on that great scan of the back cover.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Józsa Erika & Horváth Károly- Kettõspont (Moiras 002)

The legendary folk duet of Erika Józsa and Károly Horváth were the voice of a generation, pioneers of a musical movement born in Transylvania in the early 1970s. They became the best known and most loved folk singers, touring extensively throughout Romania and Hungary. Erika and Károly formed their duet in 1970 in Nagyvárad, a town of rich cultural traditions and strong Hungarian heritage. Kettõspont (Colon) was their first LP, released in 1978. Later they formed a band, performing and recording under the name of Táltos.

Despite of the high demand, only a few thousand copies were ever pressed, due to Communist political restrictions, making the LP an instant rarity. Under Europe’s most oppressive communist regime, the creation of this record was quite adventurous. The end result, though, is an album that stands the test of time. Kettõspont represents not only the highest quality folk music of the once-flourishing ethnic Hungarian pop scene in Romania, but without any doubt, also a valuable part of Hungarian folk music in general.
(Light In The Attic)

2010 LP reissue, in an edition of 330. 320 Vinyl rip by yours truly.

Mediafire Download Link: Józsa Erika & Horváth Károly- Kettõspont (Moiras 002)

1. Gyertek lányok, legények
2. Don, dono don
3. E forma, mint egy rokolya
4. Ha megnövök
5. Amerre az én vágyam száll
6. Mezítlábas leánykéro
7. Menyasszony öltözteto
8. Csendben ülök, mint a dombok
9. Nagydob
10. Aki fázik
11. Bújnék gyermekkorba
12. Lakodalmas/Sirato
13. Kettospont