Saturday, March 20, 2010

Broken Water- Whet

The Broken Water LP on Night People is killing it! Distorted, sludgy 90's-sounding rock & roll that sounds to me like Dinosaur Jr meets The Swirlies.

Says Night People:
This is the debut LP by Olympia Washington 3 piece Broken Water. Consisting of former Sisters (Parts Unknown Records) and Celebration members, Broken Water's sound seems to resound in the rainy coastal woodlands that they are surrounded by. Dense walls of slow swirling distortion breath out into moments of cold syrupy magma and reverb drenched beauty. Droning post punk bass grooves build foundations for constantly evolving guitar riffing and somber vocal passages, a subtle psychedelic sound as heavy as it is lite, as dark as it is colorful, and as deep as it is wide. Broken Water's dreamy take on hazy pastoral sonic exploration is as unique as it is nostalgic and provides endless amounts of killer listening. Silkscreened artwork by Shawn Reed
Live footage from their record release show at Le Voyeur in Olympia *Sound quality isn't great:

Mediafire Download Link: Broken Water- Whet LP (Night People)

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