Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Doo Rag- Chunked and Muddled

1993 album from Tuscon's spastic lo-fi, gut-bucket garage blues duo.

From the Doo-Rag entry on Wikipedia:
Guitarist and singer Bob Log III played an acoustic/electric slide homemade dobro, which sounded akin to an electrocuted McDowell on amphetamines, mixed with AC/DC. He also played a $2 thrift store guitar in a similar slide fashion which often left the sound men at the clubs they were playing at in awe at its wicked growl during the duo's sound check. Doo Rag also employed a number of Thermos Malling's unique microphone setups to distort the vocals, and was as likely to be singing through a vacuum cleaner hose as to be singing into two hairdryers with built-in microphones. Thermos Malling contributed percussion using a custom-made drumkit compiled from a Budweiser box for a bass drum, a tin bucket as a snare drum, an old film reel as a cymbal, an iron shopping basket used as a hi-hat, and a number of other found objects.

Can't find any samples from Chunked & Muddled, so here's a Doo-Rag video for "Trudge", from What We Do, just to give you some idea...

Mediafire Download Link: Doo Rag- Chunked and Muddled

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