Sunday, March 7, 2010

Jack Rose, RIP

Guitarist Jack Rose passed away in 2009. He's generally considered to have been a Fahey-esque talent in a way that I believe does no disservice to the memory of either one of those guys. His latest release, Luck In The Valley, came out posthumously in Feb '09 on the Thrill Jockey label. His work is highly recommended.

In memoriam, I'm providing 3 earlier, rarer Rose releases for your download pleasure.
Mediafire Download Link:
Red Horse, White Mule (2002)
Opium Musick (2003)
Raag Manifestos (2004)


Nicklaus Combs said...

hey nick thanks for the uploads! i'm getting a file corruption error on the raag manifestos album? The other two however worked great.

nicholab said...

hey, just rezipped and re-upped it. hope it works now.

all.things.heavy_all.things.low said...

you still looking for doctor ragtime?

nicholab said...

i am indeed. can you help me out?

HMPZ said...

Greatly appreciated !

Anonymous said...

any chance of reviving any of these titles? the man may be gone but the music should live on.