Saturday, March 13, 2010

Amps For Christ- Circuits

I've never figured why Amps For Christ are named Amps For Christ. I sure like 'em, though. Most of my favorite tracks- Edward, Grey Funnel Line, The Blacksmith, Sweet William And Lady Margaret- are warped, lo-fi experimental versions of classic British traditional ballads. AFC's Jeremy Barnes is known for meddling with strings and electronics, and has invented numerous instruments throughout the course of this project. Circuits was originally released on Vermiform in 1999.
"The Grey Funnel Line"

Live On-Air Jam

Mediafire Download Link: Amps for Christ- Circuits

1 Sweet William and Lady Margret
2 Citys of Refuge
3 Janitor of Lunacy
4 The Grey Funnel Line
5 Colors
6 The Blacksmith
7 Edward
8 Wishful Thinking
9 Memorial Immemorial
10 Eyes That Shine
11 Detrimental Anisthesia
12 The Wife of Ushers Well
13 Over the Hills of Marshall
14 Echo Location
15 Chinese Fascination With Westerns
16 Moondog
17 Esaus Blessing
18 The Cruel Sister
19 Snap Dragons


Gaira said...

Muy buen blog.
Pasate por el mio, es de pelis, hasta ahora lo estoy comenzando a hacer:

Un saludo y gracias por la música.

Daniel Cecil said...

Was just listening to this again. Many thanks for the post. Grey Funnel Line is excellent.