Sunday, March 14, 2010

Das Ding- H.S.T.A.

Das Ding was an early 80's electro pioneer recently given the reissue treatment by the folks at Minimal Wave. Remastered repackaged and pressed on deluxe limited issue vinyl in 2009.

"Reassurance Ritual"

Mediafire Download Link: Removed (See Comment(s) below)
2 H.S.T.A.
3 Inter Caetera
4 Take Me Away
5 A Dark Place
6 Triffid Farm
7 Kindheitsmuster
8 Makimono


Danny said...

please remove this download link. the album will be available on itunes and elsewhere shortly. thanks!

nicholab said...

no sweat. done.

Matt said...

Just so you know this is actually not available on iTunes. At least not yet. There is one song available from 'Minimal Wave Tapes 1'. I do see it is available on LP. But that is not iTunes or Amazon.

Minimal Wave said...