Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mulatu Astatke 10" EP (Soundway)

Out-of-print 10" Mulatu Astatke EP, originally released by Soundway Records in 2005. Astatke is the crown prince of Ethio Jazz- Maybe even the king. SNDW10001
Mediafire Download Link: Mulatu Astatke 10" EP (Soundway)

1. Emnete
2. Ebo Lala*
3. Yekitir Tezeta
4. Asiyo Belema

*featuring Seifu Yohannes


Anonymous said...

Went looking for this tonight and link is broken. Re-up?
Thanks for this great blog,

Anonymous said...

oh hello, love this blog.
can you please reup this?
and some muni bachir, oud melodies would be nice once in a while :?