Monday, March 22, 2010

Roy Budd- The Best of Budd: Original Soundtrack Music by Roy Budd

In addition to his extraordinary talents as a songwriter and graphic artist, my good buddy Nate Ashley is an absolute soundtrack fanatic. Nate's been working on finishing his 5-disc magnum-opus anthology of rare and essential horror movie music- a project he calls Written In Blood- for the past few years. His knowledge of the genre and commitment to perfection is sure to yield a instant-classic bootleg compilation; one for the ages. Having already been privy to the first few volumes, I can personally assure you that Written In Blood is a truly amazing effort & I am happy to announce that Ghostcapital will debut this collection with much pomp and circumstance in the next few weeks. In the meantime, allow me to share this Nate-compiled Roy Budd collection, unofficially released on his own Left-Handed Label. Budd soundtracked oodles of 1970s Thrillers, including; Get Carter, The Carey Treatment, Kidnapped, Foxbat, Mama Dracula, The Marseille Contract...and more. His orchestrated scores are lush and atmospheric, a sample-junky's dream, much akin to the celebrated work of David Axlerod. Thanks for this, Nate. And nice artwork, dude. Enjoy.
Get Carter


Mediafire Download Link: Roy Budd- The Best of Budd (Left-Handed Label)

1. Intro 0:33
2. Jazz It Up 2:45
3. The Carey Treatment 2:08
4. The Thief 2:03
5. Getting Nowhere in a Hurry 3:11
6. Diamonds 2:09
7. Plaything 2:33
8. M5 2:46
9. Goodbye Carter! 3:37
10. M11 3:13
11. The Girl in the Car 2:23
12. End Theme 1:55
13. Hallucinations- Instrumental 4:26
14. Goodbye Eric! 0:45
15. No Co-Operation 2:35
16. The Highlands and the Lowlands 1:07
17. Manhunt 2:51
18. Mama's Story 2:12
19. Mr. Easy 3:02
20. Aranjuez Mon Amour 3:32

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Muff Diver said...

I love me some Roy Budd!

I have all of Budd's good stuff, and I'm proud to add this Left-Handed Library edition to my collection, thank-you very much!