Sunday, March 21, 2010

Slow Dive- Blue Day

So, you've been steadily enjoying that new Beach House record, yes? Well, allow me to assume that you probably dig Slowdive then, too. Blue Day compiles most of their first few singles on Creation Records. Classic Shoegaze.
Here's a video I made years ago that uses "Losing Today" as its soundtrack.

Mediafire Download Link: Slowdive- Blue Day (Creation, 1992)

1. "Spanish Air" – (6:02)
2. "Slowdive" - (5:15)
3. "Avalyn 1" - (4:51)
4. "Morningrise" - (4:19)
5. "She Calls" - (5:38)
6. "Losing Today" - (5:00)
7. "Shine" - (5:21)
8. "Albatross" - (5:14)

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Anonymous said...

I just got homesick and started crying... thanks for the awesome post. I miss that library. Best building on earth, in my opinion. The feeling of homesickness plus a Slowdive soundtrack just did me under. Kudos for the post.