Monday, February 28, 2011

My Mind- Fed Up With My Self 12" (Harvest Recordings, 2011)

My Mind is a group from Philly, born from the belly of the hydra that eats forever.

"Fed Up with My Self – De Gustibus Non Est Disputandum is the second "proper" record from Philadelphia's My Mind, a follow-up to their Path Masher 7" released in 2009 on Badmaster Records. This one-sided 12" is an ambitious step sideways in composition and execution, as the relatively straight-forward delivery of 60 second pop-punk songs has been replaced by a pretentious song-cycle/rock-opera format, and turgid lyrical content concerned with the familiar topics of Kontemporary Konsumer Kulture, religious confusion, and war.

Features contributions from Adam Cooper (Akasha Blade) and Brendan O'Connor (Serpents of Wisdom)

One-sided clear vinyl 12", b-side hand-silkscreened with terror image, pressed at 45rpm for maximum anguish, edition of 100" [Harvest Recordings]

Ghostcapital is proud to hit you with the debut rip of My Mind's very latest- an epic flurry of fitful punk-pop* miniatures arcwelded into a bold 9-minute continuum. Don't sleep on this micropress, kiddos. A future classick from some of my very best peoples. Last I checked, Harvest had only 15 copies left.

Download Link: My Mind- Fed Up With My Self 12" (Harvest Recordings, 2011)

*Punk-pop: And, not the other way around.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Vernon Wray- Wasted (1972)

A 1972 private-press country-folk outing from Link Wray's older brother, Vernon. This record was apparently self-recorded on 8-track in a Tucson shack- featuring ample contributions from all the Wray brothers- and released in an original edition of 400. Brings to mind a Waylon-type Highwayman cutting a handful of lonesome, stoned-out 70s demos with ocassional help from the likes of, say, Lee Hazlewood. This record was originally upped on Headlamp Shovel, but the link is dead. I'm unclear on whether this is their rip. Wasted was recently reissued on LP in limited quantities by Nashville imprint Sebastian Speaks. Some are still available: Get 'em while they're hot.

Download: Vernon Wray- Wasted (1972) 192kbps

A1 Facing All The Same Tomorrows
A2 God Is Color Blind
A3 Reaching Out To Touch
A4 Lonely Son
B1 Tailpipe
B2 Faces In The Crowd
B3 When I Start Drinkin'
B4 Prologue
B5 Sycamore Tree
B6 Prison Song

Thursday, February 24, 2011

(V/A) Hula Blues: Vintage Steel Guitar Instrumentals from the '30 and '40s (Rounder, 1974)

A brief but groundbreaking survey of scratchedy early 20th Century Hawaiian steel-string instrumentals. This is the first such compilation of its kind, originally released by Rounder Records in 1974. To get deep with the vintage hawaiian vibe, and a smattering of the classic artists anthologized herein, might I recommend a quick jaunt over to Owl's place and then maybe to Cagedream, for some more Roy Smeck. Enjoy.

This Lemuel Turner track sounds like straight-up bottleneck blues:

Download Link: (V/A) Hula Blues: Vintage Steel Guitar Instrumentals from the '30 and '40s (Rounder, 1974)

320 vinyl rip by Small Wett. Big ups!

Rounder Records 1012

1. Hula Blues - Sol Hoopii
2. Farewell Blues - Sol Hoopii
3. Hawaiin March - Sol Hoopii
4. Melani Anu Ka Makani - Frank Ferera
5. Song Of The Range - Jim And Bob, The Genial Hawaiians
6. Chimes - Jim And Bob, The Genial Hawaiians
7. Kaui Kahio - Biltmore Orchestra
8. Jake Bottle Blues - Lemuel Turner
9. The Cat's Whiskers - Pat Patterson And His Champion Rep Riders
10. Train Song - Sol Hoopii
11. Blues Of The Guitar - Andy Sanella
12. Honolulu Stomp - Hawaiian Serenaders
13. Twelth Street Rag - Sol Hoopii
14. Hilo March - Roy Smeck
15. Kalima Waltz - Roy Smeck
16. Twilight Echoes - Roy Smeck

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Les Amazones De Guinée - Au Coeur De Paris (Syliphone, 1983) *320kbps Up-Grade*

"Les Amazones de Guinée are not only their country's first all-female group, they are also among the longest-running. The group formed in 1961 when a number of officers in Guinea's military police discovered one another's musical talents. It was not long before a few became a big band, performing the lively Afro-pop style that enjoyed sweeping popularity throughout the late '60s and beyond. The Guinean government soon discovered the gem in their midst and added Les Amazones to its roster of state-supported groups. The band dazzled audiences with its high-energy live performances throughout the '70s and into the early '80s, when group members began to push for a debut record release. In 1983 the musicians traveled to Paris for the recording. Already touted throughout the African continent and across Europe as one of Guinea's artistic triumphs, Les Amazones de Guinée were introduced to listeners worldwide thanks to Au Coeur de Paris."(source)

"Special Show au Théâtre De La Mutualité, Paris - 6 Avril 1983"

320 kbps upgrade of this killer Syliphone classic. My vinyl rip. This first track, "Samba", is pure fire. You definitely need this album.

Les Amazones De Guinée - Au Coeur De Paris (Syliphone, 1983)

Editions Enimas Conakry, SLP 76. 1983.

A1 Samba 5:36
A2 Tayesala 6:00
A3 Soungbouroun Baya 6:15
B1 Salimou 6:33
B2 P.D.G 3:56
B3 I Tele Ke 5:46
B4 Sona 5:27

Thursday, February 17, 2011

V/A: Shades of Gospel Soul (Motown, MS 701)

Shades of Gospel Soul is a fairly rare gospel record released by Motown back in 1969. This compilation features strong vocal outings from The Gospel Stars, The Wright Specials & Columbus Mann of Detroit, Michigan. The first couple of tracks, in-particular, are big winners. Just check the audio sample...Recommended!

Download: (V/A) Shades of Gospel Soul (MS 701)

Motown, 1969.

A1 The Gospel Stars - Give God A Chance
A2 The Wright Specials - Pilgrim Of Sorrow
A3 Columbus Mann - Hush Children Hush
A4 The Gospel Stars - Have You Any Time For Jesus
A5 The Wright Specials - Ninety-Nine And A Half
B1 The Gospel Stars - He Lifted Me
B2 Columbus Mann - I'll Never Turn Back No More
B3 The Wright Specials - I Won't Go Back
B4 The Gospel Stars - Lamb At The Altar
B5 Columbus Mann - (They) Shall Be Mine

*This post is noteworthy, also, because its my very first use of the ClickRepair & De-Noise filters, which came to me via a recent recommendation from Mietek. Let me assure you, those programs have made a HUGE improvement in the quality of my most recent vinyl rips. Ever since my super-annoying technical troubles a few weeks prior, I've become a bit less satisfied with the sound of my vinyl offerings. I ended up having to change my receiver's line-out from an RCA to a headphone-jack to circumvent a grounding buzz that had developed. The end result, though, was more snap, crackle & drag from the stylus. So, thanks so much Mietek! My records sound better than ever. After a few more new posts this month, I may go back and re-up some previous posts with improved versions. I'd also be happy to take suggestions on which ones to prioritize, if any of you have 'em.

Luk Thung: Classic & Obscure 78s from the Thai Countryside (Dust-to-Digital / Monrakplengthai)

An exciting new release from Parlortone/Dust-To-Digital!

*Repost from at monrakplengthai:

"the album that david murray & i (& many others!) have been working on is finally available on dust-to-digital/parlortone records! compiled from dave's incredible collection of 78s, this album features 14 beautifully-restored classic early 60's luk thung recordings from the likes of suraphon sombatcharoen, waiphot phetsuphan, phloen phromdaen, suchat thianthong & many more! none of these songs have ever been available outside of thailand before (and few have even seen re-release domestically!). they represent a critical moment in luk thung's history, when internationally-minded pop stars began looking to local folk sounds for inspiration. as a result, you'll hear wild accordions & latin horn sections mingling with thai hand drums & finger cymbals, while singers wail & swagger about life's simple joys & struggles. the lp is pressed on high-quality vinyl with a 6-page full-color insert filled with history & images. if you're without turntable, the album can also be got on itunes (and amazon, soon)! i hope everyone will check it out, i can't recommend it highly enough!"

Order here

Phloen Phromdaen – “Ruedu Haeng Khwam Rak (Season of Love)” by dusttodigital

Get on it!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Aidan Coughlan- Finn Found Findhorn (In-Progress, 2011)

A slow-burning acoustic song-cycle recorded on dictaphone by Aidan Coughlan in 2011. This collection stands as a work in progress- Here are the first five songs. Additions will be upped, in edits to this post, just as quickly as they come in. My sister Kendall thinks that most of these sound like lullabies, which makes sense: They have all been written and cut in Aidan's living room after his young ones have been put to bed. He feels that most of what he's writing betrays a current sense of new-parental exhaustion & intellectual atrophy. As for the chosen process: He'd say he's taking his cues from Finnegan's Wake, and publishing these "fragments from a Work in Progress" as the songs are developed. And, as for the final product: Aidan's looking toward collections like Leadbelly's Library of Congress Recordings, for example, in offering a simply recorded document of the songs he's writing & playing at this given moment. No more, and no less.

You can download these songs individually via soundcloud (limit 100 per song), or by the batch via multiupload, here: Aidan Coughlan- Finn Found Findhorn: Tracks 1-5. (Work-in-Progress, 2011)

1. Greyskull's Fables Are Mine
2. A Fairer Thing Than That
3. I Never Had a Rovin' Eye
4. The Bells of St. Anthony
5. Please

Monday, February 14, 2011

Djamel Allam- Laissez-Moi Raconter (L'Escargot, 1976)

Groovy progressive folk debut from Algerian musician Djamel Allam. Recorded in France in 1976 with a large-sized studio ensemble. All kinds of creative arrangements & liquid basslines up in this piece. Tracks 1, 6 & 8 are my favorites. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly. Enjoy!

Download: Djamel Allam- Laissez-Moi Raconeur (L'Escargot, 1976)

ESC 332

A1 Rani Lah 2:56
A2 A Thadda 4:45
A3 Mara Dioughal 3:15
A4 Arjouth 3:33

B1 Vrir 3:40
B2 Ourestrou 3:47
B3 Thiziri 4:00
B4 Fatiha 8:33

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tim Hecker- Live at La Sala Rossa / Montreal (NKS, 2-10-11)

"Tim Hecker is a Canadian-based musician and sound artist, born in Vancouver. Since 1996, he has produced a range of audio works for Kranky, Alien8, Mille Plateaux, Room40, Force Inc, Staalplaat, and Fat Cat. His works have been described as “structured ambient”, “tectonic color plates” and “cathedral electronic music”. More to the point, he has focused on exploring the intersection of noise, dissonance and melody, fostering an approach to songcraft which is both physical and emotive. The New York Times has described his work as “foreboding, abstract pieces in which static and sub-bass rumbles open up around slow moving notes and chords, like fissures in the earth waiting to swallow them whole”.. .He currently resides in Montreal." (Sunblind)

Hecker is a sterling contemporary ambient/noise artist. This set was expertly recorded at La Sala Rossa in Montreal just the other day by NKS. Many thanks for this!

Download Link: Tim Hecker- Live at La Sala Rossa / Montreal (NKS, 2-10-11)

1 Track- 37:13. 320kbps.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Los Rancheros- Mexican Cowboy Songs (Decca, 1950)

This 1950's cowboy trio sound something like a dynamic Mexican equivalent to the Sons of the Pioneers. Los Rancheros had originally been named Los Tres Murciélagos ("The Three Bats"), but that apparently got canned once they started touring Los Estados Unidos, since it was too much of a "tongue-twister" for gringo audiences. This good stuff. Cool harmonies. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly.

Download: Los Rancheros- Mexican Cowboy Songs (Decca, 1950) *Re-upped 7/20/12

DL 5221


1. Solado de Levita 3:10
2. Caña Brava 2:39
3. La Malagueña 3:23
4. Sones Veracruzanos 3:16
5. El Toro 2:39
6. Cielito Lindo Huasteco 3:25
7. Las Canastas 2:43
8. Centinela Tamaulipeco 3:05

Soolamangalam Sisters- Thiruvasagam (Columbia/EMI India, 1978)

"Soolamangam Sisters who have inspred you with devotion by their numerous previous records, now provide you with yet another series of Holy Hymns, in this LP record, the subject matter having been called from the great Thiruvasagam. It opens up with new horizons of Bhakti and devotion by listening to these psalms set to music by the Sisters themselves which will at-once arrest your attention and warm your hearts.

It has been their endeavor to bring you close to the God-head by rendering such soulful songs and this LP album is an addition to that and lucky are those who buy this record." (Back cover)

I hope that you enjoy these ethereal Carnatic dual-vocal devotions as much as I do. Two side-long tracks. And just look at that album cover! 320 vinyl rip by yours truly.

Download Link: Soolamangalam Sisters- Thiruvasagam (Columbia/EMI India, 1978)

The Gramophone Co. of India Ltd S/22ESX 6163, 1978

1. Alayavazhipaadu
2. Sivapuranam

*The always-exceptional Anthems for the Nation of Luobaniya has recently posted yet another fine cosmic devotional LP from the Sisters Soolamangalam. For time well-spent; Sulamangalam Sisters - Murugan Devotional Songs EMI India 33ESX 6038 - P.1977

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ghostcapital DJ Set at FXFU 3-19-11

People of Portland- I'll be spinning some records for FXFU on March, 19th.

Mike Coykendall
, Old Light & certain of the FXFU honchos are some of my very best neighbors here in lovely Mt. Tabor. Good people with great live bands. Sweet vibes guaranteed.

The show is at the Eagle's Lodge (at 50th & Hawthorne), which- thanks to the some of the great Exiled Records shows (Rick Bishop & Bill Orcutt, Sic Alps & Magik Markers...)- has become one of my very favorite *occassional* venues in town. Does that place have flavor? Believe it. The most.

$5 appears to be the suggested donation. Kids are welcome & free. The beer is cheap. See you there?

"FXFU is a ramshackle affair celebrating music here in Portland, a kinda anti-SXSW but too lazy to be too overtly political, though that is the dominant ethos. That and a love for community. There’s also a bar, DJ’s, food and a colossal eagle soaring over Mt. Hood. And it’s only a $5 suggested donation to help us pay for the rental of the lodge & equipment. Kids are free! Come down and have fun with a bunch of great bands on a nice, warm saturday in March!"

Old Light
Mike Coykendall & the Golden Shag
Yes, Father
What Hearts
DJ Black Sandwich
DJ Nicholab (

Roland Douatte and Orchestre de la Radio Suisse Italienne - Debussy & Satie (Musidisc, RC 708)

The Debussy sounds good on this scratchy old thrift store LP, but I'm actually sharing this for the sweet Orchestral versions of Eric Satie's Gymnopedies nos. 1 & 3. Love them. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly.

Download Link: Debussy & Satie- Roland Douatte (Musidisc, RC 708)

Orchestre de la Radio Suisse Italienne. Marie-Claire Jamet, Harp. Anton Zuppiger, Flute.

Musidisc Collection Richesse Classique, RC 708.

1. Petite Suite- Debussy
2. Syrinx pour flute Solo- Debussy
3. Danses: Sacrée & Profane- Debussy
4. Gymnopédie no. 1 - Satie
5. Gymnopédie no. 3 - Satie

Sunday, February 6, 2011

(V/A) All-Vinyl, All Rephlex Mix by Jason Fellows [Pt.1]

Super-dope! My own former (and favorite) DJ partner- one Mr. Jason Fellows of Brooklyn, NY- has just upped a continuous all-vinyl mix of his own personal selections from Rephlex Records' fantastic back-catalog. This'll be part one, with something of an emphasis on their more oddball releases. Part two (forthcoming) will yield an increase in BPMs in order to incorporate what Jason calls "the classic sound". I also hear tell that Grant Wilson-Claridge has slated some new Rephlex releases for this year. Here's to hoping for some newly-classic cuts from the once-and-future kings of "braindance"...

Download Link: (V/A) All-Vinyl, All Rephlex Mix by Jason Fellows [Pt.1]

Delia Derbyshire - Time for Go
PP Roy - Radio Too
Tik and Tok - The Tube
Black Devil Disco Club - Follow Me (Instrumental)
Kerrier District - Disco Bus
DMX Krew - Emerging Technology
K Rock - Schoolgirls' Desire
808 State - Clonezone
The Railway Raver - Living the Life of a Nothing
Transllusion - Consequences
Leila - Intro

Saturday, February 5, 2011

(V/A) Echoes of Africa: Early Recordings 1930s-1950s (Wergo)

“Echoes of Africa” offer 24 rare recordings from the early days of the African record industry, hardly heard in the West before. Concertina bands and doo-wop singers from South Africa, accordion groups from Kenya, West African brass bands, unaccompanied vocal and drum ensembles from Nigeria and Tanzania, plus bands from East Africa with their Arabic influences, reveal a huge variety of early African pop music and more traditional styles. (Wergo)

Another astonishing collection of vintage 78rpm delicacies from the Wergo/Spectrum camp. Nothing but the goods, here. These Wergo discs are all far too expensive for the average Jack, though, and not otherwise available for download. Its just silly. And thusly...I post them. Its sort of a protest encased in a compliment. Or vice versa. Either way, this is essential listening. Magic sounds.

Download Link: (V/A) Echoes of Africa: Early Recordings 1930s-1950s (Wergo) 320 kbps.

Willie Gumede and His Concertina Band: Umgoboti
Al Usthadh Umar Awadh Ban: Anta Lhayatu
The West African Instrumental Quintet: Bea Tsin No. 2
Mamica: Nwomboko
Abdo Shamakh: Mapenzi Ya Ashiki
Darktown Strutters: Be Ngi Hamba
Hadji Amusa & Hadji Mustafa: Nigbati Anobi Gunsanma
Lagos Mozart Orchestra: Aduke
Nini Mikie and Her Group: Itseko
Siti Binti Saadi: Njia Ungurusumbwe
Willie Gumede and His Concertina Band: U Gumede
Abdo Shamakh: Nalat Ala Yadaha
Mamica: March
Sackey Band, Appam: Wa Wie Me Ye Mina Asabah
Darktown Strutters: Wiwi Singomlil’ Ovhuthayo
Abibu Oluwa & His Group: Aiye Loja
Ngoma Dunduri: Tumkimiree Simba
Lagos Mozart Orchestra: Ore Mi Kini Se
Askari Wa K.A.R. Ya Sita (6th K.A.R.): Kofia Nyekundu
Sackey Band, Appam: Abasuafu Ara Gyan
Ishaku Dan Zhabarumoh and His Group: Mahamodu Nadani
H.M. Timayare: Ashac
Abibu Oluwa & His Group: Layiwola Akande

(V/A) Musique & Chansons Traditionnelles D'Algerie (Disques Festival, 1979)

"Ibn Khaldoun, one of the most noted Arabian historians, claims: before Islamic times, Arabians have excelled at poetry and improvisation. Their music consisted not so much of songs to entertain their camels, but was in fact an expression of these pastors' strong passions.“

Unrequited love, heroic battles or panegyrics to the Prince constitute the grounds for inspiration that varies according to every singer's imagination (see Side 2, Bands 2 and 3). Before Islam, popular music was divided into kalamal-jedd (serious lyrics) and kalamal-hazel (frivolous lyrics). Today, still, and despite the condemnation of pagan songs by the Prophet, music is divided into two distinct categories: popular music (folk music one would say now) and Andalusian or Classical music.
The Arabian people, led by General Tarak Ibnou Ziad (who has given his name to Gibraltar – Mount Tarak or Djebel Tarak) have conquered Spain to finally settle in Andalusia. Arabian music, originally from the Middle East, has mixed with Spanish popular music and infused it with the Berber pentatonic scale. It was in Cordoba that Abdourrahman Ibnou Nafâa, nicknamed Ziriad, founded the first academy of Andalusian music. Occidental music has developed a symphonic composition which finds its most complete expression in an orchestra with a wide variety of instruments. Arabian music, on the other side, is vocal and melodic. Singing and the human voice take the central place here. The instruments merely play an auxiliary role. The influence of the Cordoba school extends to Seville, Toledo, Valencia and Grenada. When the Arabs left Spain, Andalusian music spread through North Africa. Thus, Tunis and Annaba have adopted the tradition of Seville, leading to malouf. Algiers and Tlemcen have remained faithful to Grenada with its more structured melodies called nouba. The term nouba means sequence in the musical language, for it translates to „substitute“ or „replacement“. Thus, the expression „it's your nouba“ is synonymous with „it's your turn“. In the Kitabul-Aghani (the Book of Songs), nouba denotes a concert program and its plural, noubat, designates a group of musicians. The nouba of Constantine follows that of Annaba in the modes employed and that of Algiers and Tlemcen for the rhythmic composition. The nouba comprises nine vocal and instrumental pieces, namely: the slow prelude where the singer vocalises, followed by a more cheerful instrumental prelude succeeded by an instrumental overture – the touchia – executed in 4/4 time and by a monotonous chant on the same rhythm called m'saddar; then follows the insiraf whose rhythm is 5/8 and finally the Khlass in 6/8. Each instrumental or vocal movement uses, upon finishing, a rhythmic acceleration called m’saraf which serves as a preparation for the beginning of the following piece. The Algerian nouba, despite its many names and elements, really has no more than three different rhythms. Contemporary instrumental music comprises three parts. The istikhbar (trial) is an entry in which the musician expresses his mood. The koursi, played in 2/4 time, is a musical overture and finally the thoulathi, a series of stanzas repeated three times.
To achieve that certain resonance in their music, the Arabian people utilize very characteristic instruments, although in Algeria, unlike in the Orient, the orchestra uses occidental instruments as well (see Side 2, Band 1, in which you can hear an accordion). The lute (or Oud), prince of all instruments, is the symbol of traditional Arabian music. It has five double strings. The first three are made of nylon (which has replaced the traditional animal gut strings), the two others are metal. Four double strings are tuned to fourths, quints and octaves; the final one to a sixth.
On the adjacent photo, the lute is accompanied by tamburas, which are an African influence and which comprise a small round resonator to which five strings are attached. The second instrument of Classical Music is the kanoun (literally: the ruler, a term originating in Greece), a trapezoidal zither with 71 metal strings grouped in threes. Popular music has been passed on thanks to the prodigious memory of a few singers of traditional compositions. This popular music closely associates lyrics and songs. The melody serves solely as a medium for the lyric. This is perhaps what makes us perceive it as monotonous. In dances, as well, it is the rhythm that takes the role of the lyrics (see Side 1, Band 3; Side 2, Bands 2 and 3).
The zorna is one of the most widespread instruments of popular music. Carved from jujube wood, its length varies from 30 to 40 centimeters. It is usually accompanied by a tabla, a drum that is played with sticks. The tabla is covered with goat skin on two sides. Its diameter varies from 40 to 60 centimeters (see the photo taken at a marriage in Tlemcen). Expression of joy or melancholy, laughter and tears, enthusiasm or disappointments is the raison d’être of popular music whose songs are always in Arabian dialect for better understanding among the general populace (see Side 2, Bands 4 and 5). It is an art of the people in which words and music merge into a single expression.
-Pierre d‘Ursel (Translated by Christoph *Many thanks!)

A quality French LP of Algerian field recordings by Pierre d'Ursel, circa 1979. Not much appears to have been written about this album.By the way, I think that's my ultimate dream lady sitting there on the left. Wow. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly. Enjoy.

Download Link: (V/A) Musique & Chansons Traditionnelles D'Algerie (Disques Festival, 1979)

Disques Festival- distributed by Musidisc Europe. FLD 738. MU 218.

Friday, February 4, 2011

(V/A) Afghanistan et Iran- Recorded by J.C. & S. Lubtchansky (Disques Vogue, LVLX-191)

Recorded in Afghanistan and Iran in 1956 by J.C. & S. Lubtchansky, for the University of Indiana & The Musée de l'Homme Collection. Afghanistan et Iran has also been upped (192kbps) by Zubzub at the most excellent Magic of Juju. It might be debatable which is the better version. Basically, I think mine has deeper tones but a touch more surface noise. Whatever dude. This record is awesome. Dig this rebab track:

Download Link: (V/A) Afghanistan et Iran- Recorded by J.C. & S. Lubtchansky (Disques Vogue, LVLX-191) 320 vinyl rip by yours truly

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Conductor by Alexander Chen

Thanks to Jason Fellows for hipping me to this.

Conductor: from Alexander Chen on Vimeo.

Conductor (2011) by Alexander Chen. Video capture. View live at:

Conductor turns the New York subway system into an interactive string instrument. Using the MTA's actual subway schedule, the piece begins in realtime by spawning trains which departed in the last minute, then continues accelerating through a 24 hour loop. The visuals are based on Massimo Vignelli's 1972 diagram.

More details at:​2011/​conductor-mta/​

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Echo & The Bunnymen- BBC Radio Tapes '70-'80 (Arkain Filloux, 2010)

An excellent bootleg press of Echo & The Bunnymen's earliest Peel Sessions. Great versions! Tape hiss and occasional warp sounds only add to the rudimentary charm of this nicely rendered Belgian limited-press LP. Cover art hand-screened. 320 rip by yours truly.

Download Link: Echo & The Bunnymen- BBC Radio Tapes '70-'80 (Arkain Filloux, 2010)

A1 A Show Of Strength
A2 Pictures On My Wall
A3 All That Jazz
A4 Heaven Up Here
A5 All My Colors
B1 Over The Wall
B2 Villiers Terrace
B3 I Bagsy Yours
B4 Read It In Books
B5 Ashes To Ashes