Sunday, February 6, 2011

(V/A) All-Vinyl, All Rephlex Mix by Jason Fellows [Pt.1]

Super-dope! My own former (and favorite) DJ partner- one Mr. Jason Fellows of Brooklyn, NY- has just upped a continuous all-vinyl mix of his own personal selections from Rephlex Records' fantastic back-catalog. This'll be part one, with something of an emphasis on their more oddball releases. Part two (forthcoming) will yield an increase in BPMs in order to incorporate what Jason calls "the classic sound". I also hear tell that Grant Wilson-Claridge has slated some new Rephlex releases for this year. Here's to hoping for some newly-classic cuts from the once-and-future kings of "braindance"...

Download Link: (V/A) All-Vinyl, All Rephlex Mix by Jason Fellows [Pt.1]

Delia Derbyshire - Time for Go
PP Roy - Radio Too
Tik and Tok - The Tube
Black Devil Disco Club - Follow Me (Instrumental)
Kerrier District - Disco Bus
DMX Krew - Emerging Technology
K Rock - Schoolgirls' Desire
808 State - Clonezone
The Railway Raver - Living the Life of a Nothing
Transllusion - Consequences
Leila - Intro


Holly said...

Super mix - thank you!

But .... I'm a non-anonymous geek -and lazy. Is there an unmixed version?

Anonymous said...

thanks, exactly what I needed to get out of bed !

Fantastikoi Hxoi said...

that PP Roy tune is crazy.

D. Klein said...

This is truly DOPE. Thank you!

ryan said...

what is that amazing derbyshire track from???

Mr. Craig said...

You certainly have an eclectic mix at this blog. I'm very impressed by what I've seen (and heard!). Hope to see you at my place sometime. Cheers.