Monday, February 28, 2011

My Mind- Fed Up With My Self 12" (Harvest Recordings, 2011)

My Mind is a group from Philly, born from the belly of the hydra that eats forever.

"Fed Up with My Self – De Gustibus Non Est Disputandum is the second "proper" record from Philadelphia's My Mind, a follow-up to their Path Masher 7" released in 2009 on Badmaster Records. This one-sided 12" is an ambitious step sideways in composition and execution, as the relatively straight-forward delivery of 60 second pop-punk songs has been replaced by a pretentious song-cycle/rock-opera format, and turgid lyrical content concerned with the familiar topics of Kontemporary Konsumer Kulture, religious confusion, and war.

Features contributions from Adam Cooper (Akasha Blade) and Brendan O'Connor (Serpents of Wisdom)

One-sided clear vinyl 12", b-side hand-silkscreened with terror image, pressed at 45rpm for maximum anguish, edition of 100" [Harvest Recordings]

Ghostcapital is proud to hit you with the debut rip of My Mind's very latest- an epic flurry of fitful punk-pop* miniatures arcwelded into a bold 9-minute continuum. Don't sleep on this micropress, kiddos. A future classick from some of my very best peoples. Last I checked, Harvest had only 15 copies left.

Download Link: My Mind- Fed Up With My Self 12" (Harvest Recordings, 2011)

*Punk-pop: And, not the other way around.


øשlqæda said...

schweet sounds. danke

ferrucciosanto said...

Just to thank you for all the great obscure music that you have introduced me to

Here is my latest video
Hope you enjoy it


Justintrumpet said...

That is the most wicked looking piece of wax I have ever seen!!!!!!!! Unbelievably cool, and they even sound good too. Thanks for this blog, you post great stuff here.

ilamfan said...

Well, there's at least ONE LESS copy available now - I just got mine. Too freakin' cool...everyone who sees it is WAY impressed. And, YEAH, the music is really really good! Thanks for turning us on to all the groovy vibrations!