Monday, February 14, 2011

Djamel Allam- Laissez-Moi Raconter (L'Escargot, 1976)

Groovy progressive folk debut from Algerian musician Djamel Allam. Recorded in France in 1976 with a large-sized studio ensemble. All kinds of creative arrangements & liquid basslines up in this piece. Tracks 1, 6 & 8 are my favorites. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly. Enjoy!

Download: Djamel Allam- Laissez-Moi Raconeur (L'Escargot, 1976)

ESC 332

A1 Rani Lah 2:56
A2 A Thadda 4:45
A3 Mara Dioughal 3:15
A4 Arjouth 3:33

B1 Vrir 3:40
B2 Ourestrou 3:47
B3 Thiziri 4:00
B4 Fatiha 8:33


Holly said...

Great find, Nick!
Where in the world do you record shop?

nicholab said...

ha! you should know that i can't tell you that, holly. sike. i found this allam record for cheap on ebay awhile back. i'm only now starting to dive into ebay & discogs buying, though. most of what i've posted so far comes from my backlog as a used vinyl buyer at plan 9 music (in VA), thrifting (also in VA), and shopping at exiled, mississippi & clinton street records (here in portland). thrifting in this town bites.

Kostas from Greece said...


Anonymous said...

madlib has sampled the first track. Great album in its own right. Keep on thanks for sharing so much excellent music