Saturday, February 26, 2011

Vernon Wray- Wasted (1972)

A 1972 private-press country-folk outing from Link Wray's older brother, Vernon. This record was apparently self-recorded on 8-track in a Tucson shack- featuring ample contributions from all the Wray brothers- and released in an original edition of 400. Brings to mind a Waylon-type Highwayman cutting a handful of lonesome, stoned-out 70s demos with ocassional help from the likes of, say, Lee Hazlewood. This record was originally upped on Headlamp Shovel, but the link is dead. I'm unclear on whether this is their rip. Wasted was recently reissued on LP in limited quantities by Nashville imprint Sebastian Speaks. Some are still available: Get 'em while they're hot.

Download: Vernon Wray- Wasted (1972) 192kbps

A1 Facing All The Same Tomorrows
A2 God Is Color Blind
A3 Reaching Out To Touch
A4 Lonely Son
B1 Tailpipe
B2 Faces In The Crowd
B3 When I Start Drinkin'
B4 Prologue
B5 Sycamore Tree
B6 Prison Song


tek said...

Actually it was recorded on an 8 track that vernon constructed himself from the remains of the famous wray 3-track shack that he dragged to AZ all the way from the family compound in MD. The songs are more humble and world weary than waylon and not as reverbed as they would have been with hazelwood at the paddles, but vernon defies easy comparison. I would also add that while it is true there is a darkness to the songs, they radiate more hope than the tag "Doom" allows room for.

nicholab said...

tek, thanks for the clarification! and yes- i'm usually not much for those kinds of comparisons anyhow...but waylon-hazlewood-kristofferson...the vibe here is definitely in that ballpark.

nicholab said...

also, i hear what you're saying about "doom & gloom" & have edited the description accordingly.

bd said...

nice one, thanks. wasted indeed :)

Holly said...

This is so up my alley! Was just listening to Link's 3 track shack comp a couple of days ago, your timing is impeccable ;-)

Flash Strap said...

Thanks friend, this is a nice surprise. Exactly what I needed. And don't take any shit about making comparisons- sometimes you just gotta do it to provide a context that relates to the experience of others, y'know? Anyway- Love,


Greg said...

Wasted is available for a very reasonable $14.99 via For more on Vernon,

The Uber Sonic Sonar Radar said...

haha yes this is wicked. thank you kindly

half-cut said...

this is a great record! many thanks.
'prison song' has been covered by d.charles speer & the helix with jack rose on their ragged and right e.p (2010). recommended.

dead mike said...

thanks so much - had only heard this on vinyl in a friend's collection, great to have it in my life again!

Michael said...

Can you add this to the repost list? All these multiupload zips no longer work.