Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Aidan Coughlan- Finn Found Findhorn (In-Progress, 2011)

A slow-burning acoustic song-cycle recorded on dictaphone by Aidan Coughlan in 2011. This collection stands as a work in progress- Here are the first five songs. Additions will be upped, in edits to this post, just as quickly as they come in. My sister Kendall thinks that most of these sound like lullabies, which makes sense: They have all been written and cut in Aidan's living room after his young ones have been put to bed. He feels that most of what he's writing betrays a current sense of new-parental exhaustion & intellectual atrophy. As for the chosen process: He'd say he's taking his cues from Finnegan's Wake, and publishing these "fragments from a Work in Progress" as the songs are developed. And, as for the final product: Aidan's looking toward collections like Leadbelly's Library of Congress Recordings, for example, in offering a simply recorded document of the songs he's writing & playing at this given moment. No more, and no less.

You can download these songs individually via soundcloud (limit 100 per song), or by the batch via multiupload, here: Aidan Coughlan- Finn Found Findhorn: Tracks 1-5. (Work-in-Progress, 2011)

1. Greyskull's Fables Are Mine
2. A Fairer Thing Than That
3. I Never Had a Rovin' Eye
4. The Bells of St. Anthony
5. Please


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