Thursday, February 17, 2011

V/A: Shades of Gospel Soul (Motown, MS 701)

Shades of Gospel Soul is a fairly rare gospel record released by Motown back in 1969. This compilation features strong vocal outings from The Gospel Stars, The Wright Specials & Columbus Mann of Detroit, Michigan. The first couple of tracks, in-particular, are big winners. Just check the audio sample...Recommended!

Download: (V/A) Shades of Gospel Soul (MS 701)

Motown, 1969.

A1 The Gospel Stars - Give God A Chance
A2 The Wright Specials - Pilgrim Of Sorrow
A3 Columbus Mann - Hush Children Hush
A4 The Gospel Stars - Have You Any Time For Jesus
A5 The Wright Specials - Ninety-Nine And A Half
B1 The Gospel Stars - He Lifted Me
B2 Columbus Mann - I'll Never Turn Back No More
B3 The Wright Specials - I Won't Go Back
B4 The Gospel Stars - Lamb At The Altar
B5 Columbus Mann - (They) Shall Be Mine

*This post is noteworthy, also, because its my very first use of the ClickRepair & De-Noise filters, which came to me via a recent recommendation from Mietek. Let me assure you, those programs have made a HUGE improvement in the quality of my most recent vinyl rips. Ever since my super-annoying technical troubles a few weeks prior, I've become a bit less satisfied with the sound of my vinyl offerings. I ended up having to change my receiver's line-out from an RCA to a headphone-jack to circumvent a grounding buzz that had developed. The end result, though, was more snap, crackle & drag from the stylus. So, thanks so much Mietek! My records sound better than ever. After a few more new posts this month, I may go back and re-up some previous posts with improved versions. I'd also be happy to take suggestions on which ones to prioritize, if any of you have 'em.


Holly said...

Y'know, aside from the Temps and Marvin I tend to be prejudiced against Motown (thank you, most irritating & ubiquitous Supremes, for almost succeeding in ruining the label for me) so I was going skip this...should've trusted you, Nick.


nicholab said...

Fair enough. But please tell me that you don't hate on Smoky & the Miracles?! Old Stevie? Jacksons #3... No, its ok if you do, but I just love that stuff.

Holly said...

I don't hate on anyone (except maybe the Supremes) but... let's just say that every single day I put on something that moves me from Stax or Goldwax or Back Beat or Sound Stage 7 or ... and Motown not as often ;-)

Elliot Knapp said...

Love your blog; it's good to see something with variety. Added to my blogroll!

øשlqæda said...

merci fantôme

dj trish said...

Cool Sounds from Motown!Good stuff!Feel free to check out my music blog too!
Groove on!

Yaolli Toltecayotl said...


muchas gracias¡¡

Flash Strap said...

This is fantastic. Sippin' sweet tea to this one, and a toast to the ghost.

Theo said...

Ah man, Pilgrim of Sorrow and that last number are sooo good! gold yet again, nico