Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tim Hecker- Live at La Sala Rossa / Montreal (NKS, 2-10-11)

"Tim Hecker is a Canadian-based musician and sound artist, born in Vancouver. Since 1996, he has produced a range of audio works for Kranky, Alien8, Mille Plateaux, Room40, Force Inc, Staalplaat, and Fat Cat. His works have been described as “structured ambient”, “tectonic color plates” and “cathedral electronic music”. More to the point, he has focused on exploring the intersection of noise, dissonance and melody, fostering an approach to songcraft which is both physical and emotive. The New York Times has described his work as “foreboding, abstract pieces in which static and sub-bass rumbles open up around slow moving notes and chords, like fissures in the earth waiting to swallow them whole”.. .He currently resides in Montreal." (Sunblind)

Hecker is a sterling contemporary ambient/noise artist. This set was expertly recorded at La Sala Rossa in Montreal just the other day by NKS. Many thanks for this!

Download Link: Tim Hecker- Live at La Sala Rossa / Montreal (NKS, 2-10-11)

1 Track- 37:13. 320kbps.

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LeeBx said...

good set (though i was in a daze throughout).

y'all Need to stop using that picture though...