Saturday, February 5, 2011

(V/A) Echoes of Africa: Early Recordings 1930s-1950s (Wergo)

“Echoes of Africa” offer 24 rare recordings from the early days of the African record industry, hardly heard in the West before. Concertina bands and doo-wop singers from South Africa, accordion groups from Kenya, West African brass bands, unaccompanied vocal and drum ensembles from Nigeria and Tanzania, plus bands from East Africa with their Arabic influences, reveal a huge variety of early African pop music and more traditional styles. (Wergo)

Another astonishing collection of vintage 78rpm delicacies from the Wergo/Spectrum camp. Nothing but the goods, here. These Wergo discs are all far too expensive for the average Jack, though, and not otherwise available for download. Its just silly. And thusly...I post them. Its sort of a protest encased in a compliment. Or vice versa. Either way, this is essential listening. Magic sounds.

Download Link: (V/A) Echoes of Africa: Early Recordings 1930s-1950s (Wergo) 320 kbps.

Willie Gumede and His Concertina Band: Umgoboti
Al Usthadh Umar Awadh Ban: Anta Lhayatu
The West African Instrumental Quintet: Bea Tsin No. 2
Mamica: Nwomboko
Abdo Shamakh: Mapenzi Ya Ashiki
Darktown Strutters: Be Ngi Hamba
Hadji Amusa & Hadji Mustafa: Nigbati Anobi Gunsanma
Lagos Mozart Orchestra: Aduke
Nini Mikie and Her Group: Itseko
Siti Binti Saadi: Njia Ungurusumbwe
Willie Gumede and His Concertina Band: U Gumede
Abdo Shamakh: Nalat Ala Yadaha
Mamica: March
Sackey Band, Appam: Wa Wie Me Ye Mina Asabah
Darktown Strutters: Wiwi Singomlil’ Ovhuthayo
Abibu Oluwa & His Group: Aiye Loja
Ngoma Dunduri: Tumkimiree Simba
Lagos Mozart Orchestra: Ore Mi Kini Se
Askari Wa K.A.R. Ya Sita (6th K.A.R.): Kofia Nyekundu
Sackey Band, Appam: Abasuafu Ara Gyan
Ishaku Dan Zhabarumoh and His Group: Mahamodu Nadani
H.M. Timayare: Ashac
Abibu Oluwa & His Group: Layiwola Akande


gilhodges said...

May I just say, oh honorable Ghost, that in this recent stretch, your offerings have been even more superlative than usual. Every time I reel my jaw back up, you knock it to the floor. Thank you, Sir, may I have another!

Holly said...

Thank you, Nick!
Much better than "green & yellow" ;-)

WOO DOPS said...

Wowzers! Looking forward all these Wergo recordings! This is excellent..many thanks...:))))

nicholab said...

happy to hear it, all. i must say- the holidays season, a small case of pneumonia and, then, some technical/stereo troubles had all conspired to keep me down in dec & jan. a triple whammy. so far, feb is all about getting back up to speed over here. paz...

mietek said...

read somewhere that double disc "Something Is Wrong" was a sequel of sorts to this one; get it here:

roberth said...

how about a re- up on this.?
the guitar trio of japan was very interesting, unusual i liked it though it won't replace my koto or shamsien records