Sunday, February 20, 2011

Les Amazones De Guinée - Au Coeur De Paris (Syliphone, 1983) *320kbps Up-Grade*

"Les Amazones de Guinée are not only their country's first all-female group, they are also among the longest-running. The group formed in 1961 when a number of officers in Guinea's military police discovered one another's musical talents. It was not long before a few became a big band, performing the lively Afro-pop style that enjoyed sweeping popularity throughout the late '60s and beyond. The Guinean government soon discovered the gem in their midst and added Les Amazones to its roster of state-supported groups. The band dazzled audiences with its high-energy live performances throughout the '70s and into the early '80s, when group members began to push for a debut record release. In 1983 the musicians traveled to Paris for the recording. Already touted throughout the African continent and across Europe as one of Guinea's artistic triumphs, Les Amazones de Guinée were introduced to listeners worldwide thanks to Au Coeur de Paris."(source)

"Special Show au Théâtre De La Mutualité, Paris - 6 Avril 1983"

320 kbps upgrade of this killer Syliphone classic. My vinyl rip. This first track, "Samba", is pure fire. You definitely need this album.

Les Amazones De Guinée - Au Coeur De Paris (Syliphone, 1983)

Editions Enimas Conakry, SLP 76. 1983.

A1 Samba 5:36
A2 Tayesala 6:00
A3 Soungbouroun Baya 6:15
B1 Salimou 6:33
B2 P.D.G 3:56
B3 I Tele Ke 5:46
B4 Sona 5:27


Holly said...

Whooh! Crazy psychic emanations from Lucky Psychic Hut, perhaps? Lucky's recent Horoya Band post got me in Syliphone-digging mode - and here you are to feed my frenzy. It's eerie, Nick, eerie. And totally appreciated!

Might I just add that *your* thrift stores are NOT like my thrift stores. Please let me know if you need Frampton Come Alive, Live at Budokan, Red Rose Speedway or Saturday Night Fever, as I can totally hook you up ;-)

icastico said...

Samba is a great track...from everyone that does it, apparently.

Although, I must admit that my favorite is the version by Bala et ses Balladins

matt said...

Lovely LP despite some tuning issues with the horns! Love Moussa Doumbia's version

Anonymous said...

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sleepin in the big barn bed!
Keep ah ....on
sleepin in the big barn bed!

Yaddy ya - do it -yeah
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Murky Recess said...

Goddamn, nicholab! This one's a blessing. Mucho gracias.

Kurt said...

Another great post. Thanks.