Sunday, February 17, 2013

V/A -- Música Popular do Nordeste 1 (1973, Brasil - Discos Marcus Pereira)

"This historic recording is the first part of an important four-volume documentation of the popular music of Northeast Brazil,Música Popular do Nordeste. It was conceptualized and realized by the producer,Marcus Pereira, through his Discos Marcus Pereira, which also produced several other recordings devoted to the preservation of Brazilian music. The Quinteto Violado was charged with the research for the whole series, also participating as a supporting group. This first volume brings the lively rhythm of the frevo in its varied styles (frevo-canção; frevo de rua, with original arrangements performed by the Banda Municipal do Recife; frevo de bloco; and even the unprejudiced frevo elétrico, or electric frevo, performed by the Trio Elétrico Tapajós) and the most important composers in this genre (Nelson FerreiraCapibaIrmãos Valença, João Santiago, Luís Gonzaga de Figueiredo, Ademir Araújo, Geraldo Santos, and Luís Bandeira). While the artistic merits of the singer Zélia Barbosa and the quality of the recording process may be questioned, this is a fundamental piece of research, and a winner of the most important prizes of its period (Estácio de Sá, granted by the Image and Sound Museum of Rio de Janeiro, and Noel Rosa, from the Association of Press Critics of São Paulo)." (Allmusic)

A sunny showcase of diverse frevo styles out of Recife in NE Brasil. Its also yet another proper gem kindly lent to GC by one DJ Cuica. Big ups! Check this Trio Eletrico track, below. Bonkers! I'm only sorry I couldn't get this up before Carnival. So it goes. Enjoy it, or maybe even don't (for Lent). 

V/A -- Música Popular do Nordeste 1 (1973, Brasil - Discos Marcus Pereira MPA 9317)

Side A 
1. Quinteto Violado & Zélia Barbosa – Saudade 
2. Quinteto Violado & Zélia Barbosa – De Chapéu-De-Sol Aberto 
3. Quinteto Violado & Zélia Barbosa – Um Sonho Que Durou Três Dias 
4. Quinteto Violado & Zélia Barbosa – Recife 5 Trio Tapajós – Trio Elétrico 

 Side B 
1. Banda Municipal Do Recife – Tubarão Na Onda
2. Banda Municipal Do Recife – Aí Vem Os Palhaços
3. Banda Municipal Do Recife – Batendo Biela
4. Quinteto Violado & Zélia Barbosa – Evocação Nº 1 
5. Quinteto Violado & Zélia Barbosa – Hino Dos Batutas De São José 
6. Quinteto Violado & Zélia Barbosa – Valores Do Passado

Exuma (1970 *Mercury SR 61265) Flac + 320

The debut record from righteous Afro-Bahamian songwriter Macfarlane Gregory Anthony Mackey, aka Exuma. His earliest work is an unreal melange of heavy folk dirges, pounding junkanoo ruckus, and the groaning incantations of mythically just, voudoun enlivened cataclysms of spiritual and material oppressions in our brave new world. Proper chant down Babylon vibes. Exuma's records have long been a staple of the countless hauntologically-minded and/or whateverly freak-folked RSS electroducts we've been privy too for years, now. I know I've dropped him here, before. Hot on the heels of GC's recent Exuma II drop, here's a lossless/320 upgrade, ripped by yours truly with the help of my friend DJ Cuica, who kindly lent it my way to share the love of this astounding record. Huge thanks! Full scans included. Enjoy.

Exuma -- Exuma (1970, Mercury SR 61265) 

Side 1 
1. Exuma, The Obeah Man
2. Dambala
3. Mama Loi, Papa Loi

 Side 2 

1. Junkanoo
2. Seance In The Sixth Fret
3. You Don't Know What's Going On
4. The Vision

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Aquarium Drunkard Presents :: Ghost-Capital IV (c90 mixtape)

I’m very pleased to be dropping this 4th installment of Ghost Capital’s mixtape series for Aquarium Drunkard. This'll be my first mix in nearly a year. I'd also like to dedicate it to my valentine's sweetheart, Alley. "Husenek fa masher..." ♥

*The cover art is from Paul Heismann's Nude Abstraction, 1939


Says AD: "Once again, we touch down in Portland, OR with the fourth installment of our Ghost Capital series. Helmed by Nick Barbery with an ear bent toward the obscure, esoteric and out-of-print, Ghost Capital digs globally mining the secret shafts of psych, folk, blues and beyond."

Side A
2. You Made Me Warm / The Sharks
4. El Gallo / Los Camperos de Valles
11. Count Your Blessings / Ken Parker
13. Voh Ishq Jo Humse / Farida Khanum

Side B
5. Between Moons / The The