Wednesday, August 29, 2012

V/A : The Heart of Mexico -- Exciting Musica Tipica, Recorded in Mexico (Gene Norman Presents, 1961)

"The Music in this album represents The Heart of Mexico in all its facets...With all its color and sensitivity! The Bright Mariachi, with its highly emotional and fun-loving sound...The romantic and sentimental music of the Trio, whose soft strumming guitars speak of love and serenades in the night: as well as the gaiety and spontaneity of the piquant rhythm of the Jarocho groups...All this music, in its most sincere form, unadulterated, honest and clear as the azure skies under which it was born, gives us the most accurate insight into...The Heart of Mexico." (Back cover)

This 1961 Gene Norman comp offers up a fine selection of live-recorded performances from a healthy handful of excellent Mexican combos. Vinyl rip by yours truly. Enjoy! 

V/A : The Heart of Mexico -- Exciting Musica Tipica, Recorded in Mexico (Gene Norman Presents, 1961) 320 mp3 + Flac

Side A

1. La Rondalla de Tijuana - Guadalajara
2. San Martin Trio - Las Alteñitas
3. La Gloria Quintet - La Malagueña
4. Maricela y Mariachi Corral - Ay! Jalisco, No Te Rajes
5. Ensueño Trio - Cuando Vuelva a Tu Lado
6. Mariachi Corral - La Cecilia

Side B

1. Quarteto Boca del Rio - El Cascabel
2. La Rondalla de Tijuana - Rayando el Sol
3. Maricela y Mariachi Corral- Me He de Comer Esa Tuna
4. Los Pajaritos Trio - La Adelita
5. Mariachi Corral - Cocula
6. La Rondalla de Tijuana - Cancion Mixteca


Anonymous said...

Love this. Canción Mixteca is the dopest!

Anonymous said...


Joey Dean said...

can you get this up as MP3 please boss?

Lud's Church said...

Awesome stuff. Always love the Mexican music you post. Track 10 seems to be a blank 5 seconds though!

nicholab said...

@ Lud's Church -- Glad you're feeling this. RE track 10: You're right. I'm working on the replacement now. Was doing dishes while reviewing my rip yesterday, so that brief silence must've just flown right past. Stay tuned for the fix!

nicholab said...

OK, here are the fixes for Track 10 - La Adelita

(Flac) La Adelita.flac

(Mp3) La Adelita.mp3

juan manuel muñoz said...

muchas gracias. saludos

Lud's Church said...

Cheers nicholab! We do not deserve you xxx

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness! I cant stop listening to this. It stirs my soul. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! got anymore mexican's my new love

Anonymous said...

I have a soft spot for Mexican music, and Mexico in general. Spent a lot of time there. Forget the resorts, it is a country with real heart, history, pain, sorrow and joy like no other. Thanks!

Jordan Lee said...

thank you so much for the upload! the mexican records you've been uploading have been superb