Saturday, August 11, 2012

Atsumasa Nakabayashi Trio - Melody of Japan (Denon, ALS-4049) 中林淳真ギター三重奏団 - 日本のメロディ

"Atsumasa Nakabayashi was born in Tokyo in 1927. He began his musical studies in Japan, with the teacher Yasumasa Obara, and perfected the technique and interpretation of the guitar in Spain under the leadership of Narciso Yepes and Jose Luis Gonzalez. In 1958 he won the 1st. Prize of the International Guitar Competition in Tokyo, and was awarded by the Ambassador of Spain. In 1964 he appeared at Carnegie Hall in New York, as the first Japanese guitarist to hold this site. Invited by the Department of Cultural Affairs of Cuba, gave recitals in Havana and Santiago de Cuba. In 1984 he won the 1st. Composition Competition Prize Morishige Takei held annually in Tokyo for his suite "Dance No. 1". (Source)

A lovely survey of classic Japanese melodies arranged & performed by Nakabayashi's excellent guitar trio. Release date currently unknown. I was also unable to find the tracklist (in Japanese or English) transcribed anywhere, online. Japanese speakers, your assistance with this would be greatly appreciated. Is my observation correct that a Nakabayashi CD of the same name; 日本のメロディ, seems to have an entirely different tracklist? Enjoy!

Atsumasa Nakabayashi Trio - Melody of Japan (Denon, ALS-4049)

"Nippon No Merodei"


Theo said...

Hey Ghost, the link doesn't seem to be working? Well, maybe on my end it's screwed, but just letting you know in case. When i go to extract the folder it says, "the file name, directory name or volume label syntax is incorrect" anyway, fantastic sample and also I really enjoy your blog and appreciate your continued efforts in the face of the e-man.

nicholab said...

Oh man...Sory to hear that, Theo. Is it with both mp3 & Flac. I'm wondering if the inclusion of the japanese characters in the file's name, which appears to have carried-over into the URL for the link, is causing the problem. Either way, I will fix whatever's broken when I get home from work this afternoon!

Anonymous said...

320 mp3 worked fine for me. Nice music. Thanks for the upload!

Theo said...

Hey, I didn't even consider the characters, that's totally it. I just went into My Computer and deleted the characters from the original .rar folder and it's all good/works perfectly. So yeah - fellow downloaders just do that and you'll be gravy.

Anonymous said...

Been listening to Fushitsusha a bit this week so I'm really ready for this... thanks very much!

Zen said...

I took a stab at translating the song titles. Can't guarantee correctness but it should be close for the most part:

01 浜千鳥 Plovers on the Beach

02 さくらさくら Sakura, Sakura

03 通りゃんせ~五木の子守唄 Tōryanse (Lullaby)

04 宵待草 Evening Primrose

05 六段 Rokudan

06 浜辺の歌 Shore Song

07 叱られて Being Scolded

08 帯域の月 Lunar Belt (??)

09 あわて床屋~待ちぼうけ Flustered, Waiting at the Barber in Vain

10 出船 Setting Sail

11 千鳥の曲 Song of a Thousand Birds

12 城ヶ島の雨 Jougashima Rain

Flash Strap said...

This is just what I need, man. Thanks for sharing.

Really been feeling that Dowland, too.

аффтор said...

привет аналогично.
thanks a lot to both ripper and uploader of the stuff and to Zen for translating the titles.

verwarrende sterrenmix said...
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verwarrende sterremix said...

Thanks Ghost! Also very much looking forward the to (next batch of) re-ups. Thanks again.

verwarrende sterremix said...

He Ghost, thank you very much. Also looking forward to the (next batch of) re-ups. Thanks again!

Matt A said...

Thanks again for putting so much great stuff up! I'm really enjoying this. As to your question about the cd with the similar title - the Lp is volume 1 (第1集) of 日本のメロディ, and the cd you linked to doesn't specify a volume. As the cd contains some but not all of the tracks from the record, I'd guess it's a best-of drawn from however many volumes of 日本のメロディ were released.

vofn said...

Zen, great work! I would just make the following changes:

1. 浜千鳥 Plover on the Beach
8. 荒城の月 Moon Over a Ruined Castle
11. 千鳥の曲 Song of a Plover

Zen said...

vofn, thanks for the corrections. Those were the tracks I was unsure about.

Anonymous said...

can you re-up Kathy and Carol?

Holly said...

This is beautiful, Nick - I'm sorry it took me so long to have a chance to listen! Thank you.

Carol said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hey bro, if you go on you tube there's translated titles for the whole album! Hope this helps!

matt s. said...

Just found your site via the Aquarium Drunkard blog, looks real good! Thanks for the shares, this LP looks great

quexxon said...

This is a lovely album. These guys have quite a different touch compared with most classical guitarists. They often play very near the bridge (to emulate the sound of the koto I guess), a common technique but so interesting in this context! Thanks a lot for the share!

lucas said...

saudações do brazil!
seu blog é jóia rara, parabéns!

greetings from Brazil!
Your blog is a rare gem, congratulations!