Sunday, August 12, 2012

Animal Collective : Centipede Radio Transmission 3

Ghost Capital is stoked to go on-air as one of today's guests on Animal Collective's Centipede Radio Transmission 3, hosted by Avey Tare. Atlas Sound and The Blackouts are this week's other guests. The show starts in about 30 minutes. Listen Up!

Via FACT: The third episode of Animal Collective’s Centipede Radio will be broadcast live via this Sunday night / Today at 9pm EST (6pm Pacific).
This week’s show is hosted by the band’s Avey Tare, following episodes helmed by Panda Bear and Deakin (both archived and available to stream on the site). It will feature guest DJ mixes from Atlas SoundThe Blackouts and Ghost Capital.
Animal Collective Radio is a collaboration between the band, their label Domino and The Creators Project, designed to promote their new album, Centipede Hz, which us due out on September 3. You can stream the last show, which featured Haunted Graffiti and more, here


JM said...

Any way to post a track list of the "transmission"?

nicholab said...

Don't have the other folks' sets handy, but here's mine...

1. Thonghuad Faited - Diew Sor Kid Hod Baan
2. Aaron Neville - How Could I Help But Love You
3. Ghantasala & P. Susheela - Lahiri Lahiri
4. Eddie Hooper - Pass It On (edit)
5. Les Rallizes Denudes - Night of the Assassins
6. Rich & Famous - Neutron Star
7. Photodementia - Sporobolus
8. Black Uhuru - Boof 'N' Baff 'N' Biff
9. Tones On Tail - Lions
10. Catherine Ribeiro & Alpes - Jusqu'a ce que la Force de t'aimer me Manque
11. Kenan - Viens Dans Ma Vie

I think the entire setlist should post to a mixcloud archive, within the week....

Anonymous said...

So excited, we listen to this every week!

Gabriela said...

i can't seem to get it work, bummer! sounded like an awesome set :( do update if it's available anywhere else plzz

Francisco MF said...

Great! Thonghuad Faited reminds me Juaneco y su Combo and peruvian chicha but a little bit more chaotic.