Sunday, December 23, 2012

Les Griots (w/ Serge Franklin) -- Ouagadougou, Afrique: Exotissimo Vol. 8 (Pathé Marconi / EMI, 1975)

On repeat. This Serge Franklin  seems to be something of a grandmaster OG in the ethnographic forgery game. 'Exotissimo' is right, no? Really though, this is a stunning record. Haven't found much, however, by way of biography for Les Griots, but, it'd be reasonable to assume that the group would've hailed originally from Burkina Faso. The dimensions of the rhythms & sounds here are truly exquisite. Heavy grooves. And, these mid 70's sessions, recorded in Paris, are subtlely realized; deep, resonant and spare. An hour or so of poking around the web has me reasonably convinced me that Loulendo is most likely Jean Loulendo. That's mostly it, although he does seems to show up as in author in worldcat. I've had even less luck with Dolo, who's also credited with an arrangement on this album. Anyone else know more? Enjoy.

Les Griots (w/ Serge Franklin) -- Ouagadougou, Afrique: Exotissimo Vol. 8 (Pathé Marconi / EMI, 1975) 

Side 1

1. Messe Noire (Franklin)
2. Mama Me Mwana (Trad, arrgt. Loulendo)

Side 2

1. Sumama
2. Liwa Wetche *Chant (Trad, arrgt. Loulendo)
3. Morgen *Chant (Trad, arrgt. Dolo)
4. Danse du Fleuve (Franklin)
5. Danse de Filles su Sable (Franklin)
6. Kio Kio *Chant (Franklin)


squirrelwhisperer said...

Many thanks. Happy holidays to you.

Torbill Duallman said...

What's fun is the design of the LP: "To receive your friends as in Ougadougou, Africa", kind of post-exotism in this... But thanks for the record! Merry Christmas and everything that goes with!

WRKB said...

looks interesting. this blog is great anyway. stay black. peace.

Dan Leo said...

A belated thank you! Love these African records!

Anonymous said...

now this is what I call music...
thank u.
k from the north

Likedeeler said...

Thanks for a fantastic record and a great rip! All the best for your start into the new year. Regards from Berlin

Flash Strap said...

oh how wonderful. thanks man!

whoops said...

Thanks for this one. I don't know much about this serie but i do know that the fourth volume (Trinidad-Caraïbes)contains tracks also available on Marc Chantereau/MichelDelaporte/Serge Franklin Black Magic Percussion LP. I wouldn't be surprised if the one you share also contains track from this LP.