Saturday, December 29, 2012

Chaitanya Hari Deuter, Govindas, Deva Renu, Nivedano & Rupesh : Basho's Pond (Rajneesh Music, 1985)

"Between sounds of music there are gaps of silence. The authentic music consists not of sounds, but of the gaps. Sounds come and go; those gaps remain. And music can make you aware of those gaps more beautifully than anything else; hence I have to say that music comes next to silence. But it is possible even the musician may not be aware of it, unless his music is his meditation too. Then, soon, the shift from sounds to silence." (Bagwan Shree Rajneesh, aka Osho)

“From Basho’s Pond, past Rajneesh Mandir, winding through downtown Rajneeshpuram, and out to the airport were people. People dressed in red, playing musical instruments, singing, dancing, waving goodbye to their Master. The faces! The faces! Musicians followed the car all the way to the airport, some running all the way carrying their Brazilian drums. I saw faces of people who years before had been dull, and now were transformed, shiny and alive. Osho sat and namasted His people for the last time in Rajneeshpuram.” (excerpt from Diamond Days With Osho, by Ma Prem Shunyo)

Pan-Asian instrumental new age steppers, featuring our man Deuter, himself, in full-tilt metaphysical enlightenment mode. A woodwound percussive medley for us Tomorrow People. Ecstatic-dancing to Pure Moods/Tubular Bells is admittedly  something of the vibe, here, but...And blame it on personal Rajneesh fascination; I've been dropping into Basho's Pond here lately, a bit more than I might even like to admit. These tracks were all recorded during live Satsang celebrations at the now-infamous Rajneeshpuram in eastern Oregon, late 1985. A "cult favorite", if you will. 

Chaitanya Hari Deuter, Govindas, Deva Renu, Nivedano & Rupesh : Basho's Pond (Rajneesh Music, 1985)

Flac + 320

Watch Rajaneeshpuram on PBS. See more from Oregon Experience.


wackystuff said...

I'm really enjoying the Rajneesh music. Thanks for shining a light on this one!

MIke Brandon said...

Cheers from downtown NYC.

Just wanted to say thank you for all the amazing re-ups. I took all the Holy Warbles compilations (*months and months back)....and now I'm listening to the Aquarium Drunkard / Ghost Capital / Warbles comp.

Truly awesome stuff.

I don't know where to begin. Just took Biet het Vol. 1. and that is also amazing.


MIke Brandon said...

This site is awesome. cheers from downtown NYC!

Seriously.. Biet Het.. all the compilations. (Listening to the "Aquarium Drunkard Presents" one now)

I love all genres of music. it's endless. and what else can I say... that hasn't already been said tenfold? this site is heavy duty in it's excellence.

P/S. I am thrilled that I managed to download all of those Holy Warbles comps when I did.

Anonymous said...

i'm only getting one track on the flac files, then an error message. no rush of course.

Anonymous said...

same story on the flacs nicolab - thanks for all of this ,the docu kept me up till 4.00 I was so glad the facists beat the facists in the end ,made me all nice n snoozy fo' bed .toodlepip mr crowe

nicholab said...

Bummer. Sorry about the flacs, friends. Been out of town for the last few days. I'll definitely put in the fix this evening.

nicholab said...

just dropped a freshly fixed flac link. files are playing nicely on my computer. keep me posted....

rsmclaughlin said...


Thanks for doing what you do on this blog. This record is pretty great, it's been putting out vibes for the new year in my apt.

As a gesture of thanks, here's my blog, inspired by you and your peers out in the blogosphere:

Hopefully there's some stuff on there you'll enjoy!

Mimi Soul said...

What a great share! Thanks a lot


Calisan said...

Maravilloso blog de hecho! Este album me conmovió por sus bellas armonías de instrumentos de viento.
Espero me puedas ayudar con el arte del disco en mayor resolución.
Gracias de antemano nicholab!

Mi humilde blog:

Wonderful blog indeed! This album moved me for its beautiful harmonies of wind instruments.
I hope you can help me with the artwork in higher resolution.
Nicholab Thanks in advance!

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