Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Mind- "Noblesse Oblige"

So, I've been steady rocking "Noblesse Oblige", the latest morsel from fond VA/Philly/ Toronto friends- My Mind. It would appear that this track has been recently included on the Funny/Not Funny Fall Mixtape. If my understanding is correct, they should also have an LP coming out on Harvest Records sometime in early 2011. I featured My Mind's splendiferous Path Masher 7", released last year on Badmaster, way way back in the wee hours of this site. These peeps can be counted on to circumnavigate the far-flung poles between concise & spastic 1-min power-psych-folk jamz* (Did I just write that?) - sourcing their inspiration from such-like Nick Lowe & Nillson, The Raincoats & Hüsker Dü- and an obverse tendency toward more rambunctious & clattering extended drone cacophanies. One might sample their 2009 U.S. Out of My Mind/Stay Out Of The Territories Cassette for a good example of what it is I'm trying to explain. Word.

And older track."Bow Unto The King"(partial) As Eat Forever:

*Actually, I think they're calling it Punk-Pop (but definitely not the other way around)

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