Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sisters- Everybody (Parts Unknown, 2008) *Broken Water related

Sisters were a rockin dissonant 3-piece out of Olympia, WA. Everybody was released on Parts Unknown in 2008. Maybe those dudez should think on bringing it back in-print, since Broken Water appears to be blowing up alongst the cool-kid circuit. If you dig Sonic Youth, Polvo, Sebadoh, early Blonde Redhead, et al, then this is more of that and its not bad. These peeps are on the good end of new rock, as far as I'm concerned. If its derivative then so be it. Doesn't ruin thee olde appetite when I hear 'em, and that's praise coming from me, as I've generally begun to morph into a crotchety old sourpuss when drawn into discussions of currently hip musicks. Sorry folks, that just how it is. Shout-out to "stabilimenta" for the vinyl rip!

Download Link: Sisters- Everybody (Parts Unknown, 2008)


texas scott said...

what's the pw?

Anonymous said...

dude. i thought i was never going to be able to find this... thank you so much.