Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Uña Ramos- El Arte de la Quena (Trova, 1968)

Uña Ramos is a crown prince of the quena (Quechua wood/bamboo flute). A stone-classic in a genre now cheaply maligned by childish yanquis, in my own opinion. Done right, there's little else that I find to be so celebratory, uplifting and sad- all at once- as Andean flute music. Check out this dude (not Uña Ramos) for a taste of what I'm talking about:

He's basically my idol.

Anyway, El Arte de la Quena is an old favorite around my house. It gets me every time. Was halfway through the process of tagging my own vinyl rip, when I found an APE version of a better vinyl copy offered over at Andes Nevados. There's plenty more Uña Ramos over there, too. I've gone ahead and converted the files to 320 mp3 for those of you who, like myself, could give or take these various lossless formats- at least until more of them are iPod-compatible. Enjoy.

Download Link: Uña Ramos- El Arte de la Quena (Trova, 1968)

A1 Virgenes Del Sol
A2 Desdeñosa
A3 Kacharpari
A4 Vienen Bajando Las Llamitas
A5 Recuerdos De Calahuayo
A6 Amakonchahuanquichu
B1 Festa Aymara
B2 Cuequita De Los Covas
B3 Guadalguivir
B4 Anatas Al Viento
B5 Naranjales
B6 Acuarela Potosina

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Holly said...

Hi Nick - Thanks for this - it's bringing a bit of summer to my chilly day!

And as a childish yanqui I appreciate the South Park link too :-)