Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dr. Ragtime (Jack Rose) - Tequila Sunrise CD-R, 2002

Here's a rare and coveted early CD-R from brilliant American Primitive guitarist, Jack Rose. (R.I.P.)

First edition limited to 60 numbered copies and packaged in slimline [CD single style] jewel case. The second edition of 60 numbered copies were packaged in regular size jewel cases. Recorded live at the Salle de Bain. Mastered at Parlor West.

Download Link: Dr. Ragtime (Jack Rose)- (Tequila Sunrise CD-R 2002)

All hail the Owl for this 192 rip.

SUN 004

1 Teoc 2:57
2 Gage Blues 3:11
3 Old Country Rock (Bill Moore) 1:51
4 Buckdancer's Choice (Sam Mcgee) 2:23
5 Knoxville Blues (Sam Mcgee) 3:29
6 Flirtin' With The Undertaker 3:05


Anonymous said...

this was good to find in the morning...

Delta-Slider said...

Thank you SO much for posting this one!! What a great find!!
Any idea what the first song, "Teoc" refers to?
What's a Teoc?
I'm with you, I would love to find "Hung Far :ow" someday. I'll let you know if I do.
Thanks again.

i just love stuff. said...

righteous. thanks so much for this.