Friday, October 22, 2010

V/A- Vanity Records: Finest Selection 1978 to 1981

"Vanity records is one of the best Japanese music secrets. Sounds like New York's late '70s post-punk scene such as James White, Martin Rev or even ESG. Early techno gems, disco-punk and noisy landscapes with a real Japanese flavour. Founded in Kyoto in 1978 by chief editor of Rock Magazine, Agi Yuzuru, this label has a short but very interesting production. Only 10 long play albums, 3 7" singles, one double compilation, and few cassettes were recorded between 1978 and 1980. Some flexi discs were given with Rock Magazine issues during 1980. All of the records were extremely limited and released in editions of 200 and 500 copies. Most of the covers were handmade and nowadays original pressing are impossible to find and change hands for hundreds of dollars. Here's your last chance to get the finest selection from one of the best underground and experimental Japanese movement."(back cover)

Vinyl only release. 2010 French press. Probably bootleg. Even the record label is spottily translated: Save Music Before Loose It. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly.

Download Link: V/A- Vanity Records: Finest Selection 1978 to 1981


1. BGM- And
2. Sympathy Nervous- Inverted Type
3. Dada- Yuuen Inraku Gaki
4. Mad Tea Party- Hide & Seek
5. RNA Organism- Yes, Every Africa Must Be Free Eternally
6. Arbeit- Bundes Nachrichten Dienst
7. Aunt Sally- Aunt Sally
8. Morio Agata- ------
9. Normal Brain- Music
10. Perfect Mother- You'll No So Wit
11. Tolerance- Sacrifice
12. Kiiro Radical- Denki Noise Dance 3


øשlqæda said...

so fucking rad!

L'Idiot said...

The archive seems corrupted ... Can you
re-upload it?
Thank you for this fantastic blog

Anonymous said...

sounds really promising/exciting but there seems to be something wrong with the file - tried downloading and unzipping it twice - says that it's unknown format or damaged - please re-up. Ta very much

KiDG said...

Yeah I'm having the problem too.
Could be when you're uploading it to Mediafire that the process get a bit affected by the internet connection.

Thanks. No complaints on my side really. Solid blog.

Pultron said...

Looks amazingly interesting, but like the rest: no dice extracting on os x, nor Windows.
But let me also take the opportunity to commend you on one of the best music blogs ever. Max kudos, and thank you very very much for everything!

nicholab said...

ok peeps- just reupped the file. hope it works this time. thanks to all for your kindly sentimentz.

Student Driver said...

Howdy. Thanks for all of the super incredible shares, however it appears the link is still not working. It's saying "error: not permitted"
Could you please upload it one last time? This looks amazing!

DJ Dr. Lehl said...

Your blog is awesome. Your hard work in making this happen is quite evident. Thanks for sharing all of this amazing music. Like Student Drive above, I'm getting the same error message. Can't wait to hear this cool comp!

nicholab said...

ok- i just reupped again to multiupload. not sure if the problem's with mediafire, my slow internet connection (lately) or with the files themselves. if this rip doesn't do right, i'm going to re-export the tracks from garage band in the next few days. let me know. word.

Mike said...

That worked! Thanks a bunch. Can't wait to hear it.


Seems like track 12 is missing...

Holly said...

Morning, Nick - thank you so much for finding & sharing this great lp.

Sadly, track 12 is indeed missing. Curses!


nicholab said...

Track 12- Denki Noise Dance

Holly said...

Thank you!

Mike said...

Yes, thank you!

DJ Dr. Lehl said...

Thanks, man. This is great. MUCH APPRECIATED.

Roddus said...

Just checking this eclectic mix out as i type and this is a great comp and quite offbeat.

Thanks for this.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this album!

Alic said...

If people like this, let me direct you to a place where you can get all Vanity Records productions:

Anonymous said...

does anyone know the font on this album cover? ...thanks..

kosmikino said...

Any chance of a re-post on the Vanity Records bootleg compilation?

Had it, lost it, hard drive crash, trying to slowly replace all the Vanity Records rips I could lay my hands on (surprisingly most of them are still working)- good collection of links below for those new to the Vanity universe:

Totally recommend people by the Sympathy Nervous compilation on Minimal Wave label released last year:

"Automaticism features mostly previously unreleased material Yosihumi Niinuma recorded between 1979-1981. When the Tsunami hit the coast of Japan last March 2011, Niinuma lost everything: an entire lifetime of recordings, instruments, hand built sequencers, and even his home. This release is a benefit album for him."

You can pick up the digital release of this compilation for less than six pounds!

Strange that there has been no official Vanity Records re-issues when the originals now go for silly prices, anyway, I digress.

Vitezslove Sichtar said...

I love vanity records!

Bryan Whitefield said...

Very happy this post is still up. Have been searching everywhere for this comp after the guys at International Tapes played Morio Agata on Sunday on their Newtown Radio show.