Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rhythm Rulers- Mudie's Mood (320 rip)

I'm so down with Harry Mudie. This record is some serious business*! A couple of months back, I'd posted a link to it from youandmeonajamboree. Well, I just up and scored a clean vinyl copy of this Rhythm Rulers LP my own self and have seen fit to immediately put up a slammin' 320 rip. Classic "ish" here, people. Mudie's Mood is so so good!

Listen up:

"Mudie's Mood" is a sweeping instrumental dynamo that demonstrates Mudie's signature string arrangements- otherwise rare in the Jamaican popular music of the day:

Dennis Walk's "The Drifter" is the killer (and authoritative) vocal version of the classic riddim (heard above):

And "Let's Start Again" is a soulful rarity of near-mystical sweetness and perfection:

Plenty more goodies where those came from. Check Lloyd Jone's "Rome" once you've downloaded your own copy...

Mediafire Download Link: The Rhythm Rulers- Mudie's Mood (Moodisc 1970). 320 vinyl rip by yours truly.

A1 Rhythm Rulers - Mudies Mood
A2 Dennis Walks - Heart Don't Leap
A3 Rhythm Rulers - Power Pack
A4 Lloyd Jones - Rome
A5 Rhythm Rulers - Mannix
A6 Rhythm Rulers - Musically Red
B1 Ebony Sisters - Let Me Tell You Boy
B2 Don Cornal & The Eternals* - Let's Start Again
B3 Rhythm Rulers - Waking The Dead
B4 Dennis Walks - The Drifter
B5 Rhythm Rulers - Run For Your Life
B6 Rhythm Rulers - Serious Business *(ha! that was an accident)

And FYI, Mudie's Dub Conference albums with King Tubby are worth getting, too.


øשlqaeda said...

oh sooooo good :)

Tom Abbott said...

Blimey, it doesn't get much better than this. What a compilation! One of the most powerful instrumental reggae tracks to kick it off, and somewhat like you said, 'Let's Start Again' is sweetness personified.

Z j A k said...

I love this record I did search for years long before internet exist. I did hope "Mannix" was a reggae cover of the TV serie theme, my favorite Lalo Schiffrin tune but ... no ! Anyway it is a GREAT reggae Lp.

Feq'wah said...

Thanks for this excellent reggae.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice, thank you.

Big Ed Dunkel said...

Dude, thank you.

Korla said...

Beautiful! Thanks for this gem.