Thursday, February 18, 2010

Aidan James- An Ocean Of Widows (Slight/Hangman, 2005)

Aidan Coughlan might've changed his name yo Aidan James. An Ocean of Widows is the alternate Mystery's Mist- with extra and reordered tracks. This might be is his very best work, thusfar. A lo-fi psychedelic masterpiece from the year 2525. Know ye the secrets herein.

Mystery's Mist

Wetter Than Pigs Blood

In My Youth

Mediafire Download Link: Aidan James- An Ocean of Widows
1. In the begetting
2. Will she think of me
3. Surfacing
4. Mysterys mist
5. In another age
6. Wetter than pigs blood
7. The nights on absillian sea
8. Mother chameleon
9. Arose but in june
10. Down falls the day
11. You asked to exist now you exist
12. Falling on trees
13. Jennifer loses touch with her boyfriend
14. We are but rats unto its bone
15. Never again and ever after
16. Still meadow
17. China white
18. Witch of the white night
19. Ella alijah
20. Wilderness castle
21. It is your wish
22. Angelina
23. A ghost!
24. You have not run the gauntlet
25. Where were you when i was there
26. In my youth
27. In heavan or in hell
28. Christian, please believe me
29. The End

*FYI, this entire album was recorded on a microphone not unlike this:


thephenomenalsneeze said...

hey do you remember a CD that aidan or jason had when we first moved to portland? i forget a lot of what was on it, but there was some song by aidan... a mash-up of a performance at OCP Harrisonburg and aidan in his room. part was live and part was recorded into his computer. do you remember that? and can you get it to me?

nicholab said...

yes, i think i can. let me do some research for a minute.

nicholab said...

i think it was donuts for dimbsy. i could zip & send it, but i dont have all the track info...

Brady said...

For some reason the file won't unzip. I was wondering if you could repost or send a link for this release. Fine blog, by the way.

nicholab said...

brady- i just reupped the link. please let me know if it continues to be troublesome.

daniel said...

hi, do you think this could be reuploaded? rapidshare says it's gone and i need to hear it. thanks mr

Jay said...

Can you please reupload this?