Thursday, February 25, 2010

Eddie & Ernie- Lost Friends

Lost Friends is a career survey of Eddie & Ernie's extensive singles output. This Phoenix duo's work is basically all over the 60's soul map, with some tracks working from a sort of Stax/Volt or Goldwax southern feel, and others clearly drawing their upbeat inspiration from the Motor City. "Bullets Don't Have Eyes" is a solid Detroit-styled floor stomper, for example, whereas "I'm A Young Man" is one of the sweetest deep soul dirges that I've ever come across. Thanks to Mr. Nate Ashley (& the Tender Moments) for his good word on these two.

"I'm a Young Man" (So Killer!)

"I'm Going For Myself"

Mediafire Download Link: Eddie & Ernie- Lost Friends

1. Why Do You Treat Me Like You Do - Eddie Campbell
2. I Cant Stop The Pain - Ernie Johnson
3. Lost Friends - Eddie And Ernie
4. Im Gonna Always Love You - Eddie And Ernie
5. A Man To Love A Woman (Prev Unissued) - Eddie And Ernie
6. You Make My Life A Sunny Day (Prev Uniss) - Phoenix Express
7. Doggone It - Eddie And Ernie
8. Outcast - Eddie And Ernie
9. We Try Harder - Eddie And Ernie
10. Thats The Way It Is - Eddie And Ernie
11. Bullets Dont Have Eyes (Prev Uniss) - Eddie And Ernie
12. In These Very Tender Moments - Ernie Johnson
13. Im A Young Man - Eddie And Ernie
14. Falling Tears (Indian Drums) - Eddie And Ernie
15. Standing At The Crossroads - Eddie And Ernie
16. Reaching Out (Previously Unissued) - Eddie And Ernie
17. Woman What You Be Doing - Eddie And Ernie
18. Lay Lady Lay (Previously Unissued) - Eddie And Ernie
19. The Groove She Put Me In - Eddie And Ernie
20. You Turn Me On (Previously Unissued) - Eddie And Ernie
21. Tell It Like It Is - Eddie And Ernie
22. Self Service - The New Bloods
23. Its A Weak Man That Cries - Ernie And Eddie
24. Watch Your Step - Little Worley And The Drops


blackguitaristz's sanctuary said...

Hi, very cool that you did a review on Eddie and Ernie's Lost Friends cd. Eddie Campbell is my father and if you want to check out a cool article on Eddie and myself, go to google and type in "Christopher CoShea Campbell Standing at the Crossroads". This cool British music site The Hook and Sling did an article about me where I'm interviewed and he included a divShare soundlink of my cover of my dad's song "Standing at the Crossroads" as well as Eddie and Ernie's version. Think you might dig the article.

nicholab said...

thanks for the tip. will do!

Anonymous said...

I have been looking for this everywhere. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting this -- these guys are incredible!!

jadalyn starr said...

wow thank you so much for posting this!! i have been on the hunt for this everywhere. i wish i could seriously hug you right now haha. great review, thanks so much for the link!!

whymamacries said...

any chance of a re-up on this gem?

whymamacries said...

any chance of a re-up on this gem!!??
thanks for everything you do!