Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Orlons- Not Me (1963)

The Orlons were a 60s Vocal R&B Combo from Philadelphia. They've got that classic girl-group sound I love so much. "Not Me" is the hit single from this album of the same name. I'm partial to their version of Curtis Mayfield's "Mama Didn't Lie". Released on Cameo in 1963.
"Not Me"

"Mama Didn't Lie"

Download Link: The Orlons- Not Me (1963)

1 Not Me
2 Forever
3 Gee Whiz (Look at His Eyes)
4 Mama Didn't Lie
5 Something's Got a Hold on Me
6 For Your Love
7 Too Strong to Be Strung Along
8 Bad Boy
9 He's Braggin'
10 He's Sure the Boy I Love
11 My Best Friend
12 Darling


jimmark66 said...

Thanks for this..Found this in a bargain bin..for the cover only. Cool that you have this posted. Thanks


Cody said...

Picked this up at a local shop... That title track is BANK, as is "Something's Got A Hold On Me." This stuff's gonna go over big at our next soul night.

Geoff Callahan, PI said...

Man! The Orlons rule! Thanks to yer re-up I've just discovered a new favorite group. I think Laura Nyro used to mention them as a group she dug as a kid. Could've been Todd Rundgren since he was from Phillie. Either way, what a groove!