Tuesday, February 16, 2010

ghostcapital mix disc: The Bold & The Beautiful

Hey folks, here's my Feb 2010 ghostcapital mix; a 2-cd affair I'm calling The Bold & The Beautiful. Or, alternately, The Mad & The Sad. Ha! The first disc's definitely more aggro than the second. As per usual for me, the selection is literally all over the map. Did my very best to make it flow nicely. Listener feedback will be highly appreciated. Enjoy!

Mediafire Download Links: The Bold & The Beautiful
The Bold
1. Gunese Don Cicegim / Ersen
2. Nizaka Panga Ngozi / Ngozi Family
3. Politicians In My Eyes / Death
4. L. Mansion / Sic Alps
5. Optical Sound / The Human Expression
6. Hymn To Mother Earth / Demon Fuzz
7. Part II / The Freedom Orchestra
8. Twilight / Shin Jung Hyun & The Men feat. Jang Hyun
9. I Ain't No Miracle Worker / The Chocolate Watchband
10. Samba / Les Amazones de Guinee
11. Funkier Than A Mosquito's Tweeter / Nina Simone
12. Shattered Shine / Crystal Stilts
13. I Can't Be Trusted / Holly Golightly
14. Don't Bother Me (Black Dots) / Bad Brains
15. The Drawback / Warsaw (early Joy Division)
16. Dambala / Exuma
17. Demon's Demands / Eddy Current Suppression Ring

The Beautiful
1. Yesu Ka Mkwebaze / Novicat de Soeurs Missionaires
2. Beautiful, How Beautiful You Have Become / Fikret Kizilok
3. Imuhar / Group Bombino
4. Mes Tou Aigaiou Ta Nezia / Anna & Amalia Hatzidakis
5. Love Is Pleasin' / Shirley Collins & Davy Graham
6. Muxima / Duo Ouro Negro
7. Ballad Of The Spirits - Tsegue Maryam Guebrou
8. As I Roved Out (Andy) / Planxty
9. O My Stars / Michael Hurley
10. They've Taken Rhiannon Away / Aidan Coughlan
11. Tonada De Tarka Con Callaguas / Alberto Ruiz
12. Fantasie on an Armenian Theme Pt. 3 / Javad Ma'roufi
13. Czardas / Evelyn Glennie
14. Ghorbat / Ebi
15. Dilbar / A. Mirzaeva
16. Aja Jane Ki Zid Na Karo / Farida Khanum
17. Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone? / Blue Sky Boys
18. Please Stay / The Cryin' Shames
19. How Strong / Ken Parker


rosel zech said...

It came to no surprise that this turned out so good. Wicked sense of humour in the cover art.
80 and 90s soaps are a fountain of twisted inspiration.
My dream artwork would feature a Mexican telenovela villain. She wore an eyepatch matching to her current clothing and kills people in amusing ways.


zach said...

aidan's song is heart shatteringly beautiful.

I wonder when people will realise that he's something that doesn't come along twice. Maybe they do already..

i do anyway