Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Feathers- Something's Wrong With...

My understanding is that Something's Wrong With The Feathers is sort of a tour-only bootleg EP by Vermont folk collective, The Feathers. Based on this release alone, I must admit I prefer The Feathers' songs a heck'uva lot more than their fellow Gnomonsong labelmates Vetiver and Devendra Banhardt. I guess, to me, their songs actually seem like they're about stuff. My friend Aidan put it best when he said they sound like The Incredible String Band if they were currently unemployed American college dropouts living off of one another's couches (or, at least something to that effect). Haven't found a streaming copy of my favorite track off this release: "Raindrops" Until I get one up myself, I reckon you'll just have to take my word for it, or take nothing at all.
Mediafire Download Link: The Feathers- Something's Wrong With...
1) Waterdust
2) Feathers
3) Tiny Lights
4) Space Alien Blues
5) Raindrops
6) Howndawg
7) Turacoverdin
8) We are in Danger Now
9) Be Prepared to Defend Your Title at 3 O'Clock Tomorr

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Shlomo Pesach said...

could you please upload this again or send me a link?!
I love feathers and havent been able to pin this release down, would love to hear it.