Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Childrens Bizarre: The Story of Fire + The Story of Thunder & Lightning (Child Guidance Records)

Folks, after obsessing for months over the visual amazements on display over at the incredible 50 Watts, I've humbly decided to start a new blog that's heavy on oddball visual culture. I'm calling it The Childrens Bizzare. It'll be dedicated entirely to weirdo kids ephemera. Basically, I want to feature illustrations, books, toys, music and videos, originally made by or marketed to kids, which come across as particularly strange or even creepy, bordering on inappropriate. I do find it somewhat funny that, now that I have a three year old son, I've up & started collecting the sort of vintage kids stuff that I feel compelled to hide from him. Go figure. Literally top-shelf artifacts, with plenty of Hi Resolution Scans. And reader submissions are VERY welcome. If you have any specific ideas for content, please drop a comment at the new spot, or email me at this brand new address: childrensbizarre[at]hotmail[dot]com

With that, I present TCB's very first LP rip. The Story of Fire + Thunder & Lightning must be one of the most frightening & inept story-time educational records ever made. Its one in a series by "Famous" Child Guidance Records of Philadelphia, PA. They "Make Learning Fun". Just listen to these highlights, and try not to get the creeps.

Download: The Story of Fire + The Story of Thunder & Lightning (@ The Childrens Bizarre)

The banner is still in-progress, but I've definitely decided to retain the Bizzare misspelling. Seems like a kind of a Bob Ross flavored "happy accident."


musique said...

You know Struwwelpeter? It traumatized whole generations of german kids ;)

Will, said...

Cool, glad to know 50 Watts partially inspired it.

Now I have to start a music blog!

Anonymous said...


Already enjoying the new blog, dude, well done. Cool to get tuned into 50 Watts, too.

meltedrubbersoul said...

New from the inventors of thalidomide!

nicholab said...

@musique -- excellent call. i do know struwwelpeter. its exactly the oddball (in its case, firghtening) spirit of kids lit that i'm hoping to explore at the CB. i have already, in fact, posted about struwwelpeter here at GC, have have plans to expand & improve a repost with my own scans, etc, over yonder. perfect suggestioon & much appreciated.

@will -- thanks so much. 50watts is basically my second favorite place on the internets (after holywarbles). its an honor to have you here & thanks so much for the link action, too. you rule.

@ always happy to hear it, wieldling!

chance said...

that's incredible.

Susan said...

Would love a re-up of this pretty please with a Guinness on top? The dl link only leads to the annoying Internet vs Holly. redirect page. Boo! :( Thanks much and enjoy your fantastically bizarre finds.